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Freestyle Cruising with Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Line has been awarded many honors for its cruises, including “Best All Around Cruise” by AOL Travel. Why do so many people love cruising with Norwegian? It may be the cruise line’s freestyle cruising approach to sailing. Freestyle cruising is a concept from Norwegian that allows a cruise passenger to enjoy dining, entertainment, and many other exciting amenities at an all-inclusive rate. For the price of your cruise ticket, you can eat at several types of restaurants, see a variety of shows and comedy reviews, and experience high-end amenities in your stateroom with freestyle cruising. Read more [...]

Norwegian Cruise Line and Its “Freestyle Cruising” Philosophy

The Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), formed in 1966 under the name Norwegian Caribbean Line, is a company that operates cruise ships that have an on-board policy of “Freestyle Cruising” (explained below). Based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, half of the company is owned by Star Cruises, which is the third largest cruise line in the world (behind Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises), and the other half is owned by Apollo Management, a private equity investment firm. Read more [...]

Freestyle Cruising 101

With freestyle cruising, there are no schedules and accommodations are much more flexible. This means, passengers will have their pick of an excellent assortment of accommodation types. Read more [...]
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