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National Geographic Cruises

Great Cruise Activities for 2019

Guests on today’s cruise ships still want to be able to relax on the deck for a bit, but not until they have satiated their desire for activity and excitement. Read more [...]
Small Cruise Lines

The Norwegian Bliss To Alaska- A True Family Adventure Cruise

The Bliss is certain to prove to every traveler that getting there can be half the fun or even more than half the fun of any great cruise vacation. And for anyone traveling with kids, this is certainly the ship that you want to book. Read more [...]
Booking a last-minute cruise

Go Big or Stay Home When Selecting Your Next Cruise

If you are the type of traveler who wants to have the biggest and best experience possible, then a mega cruise ship is the place for your next vacation. You will have more choices and opportunities for excitement and adventure than many towns offer, and they will all be within the confines of this floating colossus. There is never the need to worry about driving, calling an Uber or simply having nothing to do because these ships are hopping twenty-four hours a day, from the time you board until the Read more [...]
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New Cruise Ships for 2018 and 2019

  It is always exciting to go on a cruise but getting to experience a brand new ship is something that only a few luck travelers get to enjoy. When booking for the remainder of 2018 there are 3 new ships that you will want to consider which are currently in service. Carnival Horizon The Horizon from Carnival Cruise Lines debuted in April and is making a huge splash with the Dr. Seuss WaterWorks. The ship also offers several new restaurants and an assortment of craft beer brewed right Read more [...]
Carnival Fantasy

Carnival – The Youthful Hip Cruise Line

Selecting the best cruise line to meet your interest and needs is critical to having a fantastic vacation. And for those travelers who are looking for excitement, a huge variety of activities and affordable pricing, Carnival is a great choice. They offer everything from short 3 day tours of Baja and the Bahamas to cruises extending up to 24 days which visit exotic locales such as Bermuda, Panama and the Island of Roatan. And all of the ships in the Carnival fleet offer activities around the clock Read more [...]
Deaf Cruise

Cruises Make Getting There Half the Fun

Air travel can be a very expensive and less than rewarding experience for many travelers. As a result, those who have the luxury of time when travelling are more often booking a cruise to travel to their destination rather than being cramped in an airplane after hours of waiting in an airport. And some of the other benefits of travelling by ship will surprise even the thriftiest of travelers. Comparing Costs With the ever increasing cost of airfare, travel via a cruise ship is becoming a more Read more [...]
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