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The Best Cruise Destinations for Surfers

Cruises are a great way to access some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of these beaches are perfect for surfers! While most cruise travelers are just there for some relaxation in the sun, there's nothing wrong with wanting to hop on a surfboard and catch some waves. Many cruise lines travel to beaches that are absolutely perfect for surfing. Surfers should choose their destinations wisely, though, as not every itinerary heads to areas known for impressive swell. Read more [...]

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Small Ship Cruises of Hawaii

Want to see Hawaii at a slow pace? One that allows you to intimately examine crashing waterfalls and sandy beaches, and that beckons you to linger on coffee farms and explore through lush rainforests? Consider seeing Hawaii from a small ship cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations. Read more [...]
Pride of America

Pride of America

Sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America ship is a great way to see the Hawaiian Islands. This vessel welcomes cruisers with an enthusiastic “Aloha” the minute they get on board with lively décor and a friendly staff. Pride of America lets her passengers experience some of the most beloved themes in American history while sailing. Inside, Pride of America features a Capitol Atrium with a Tiffany glass dome and grand staircase. Outside, balconies allow travelers to whale-watch while cruising around Hawaii landmarks like the Kilauea Volcano and Napali Coast. Read more [...]
Pride of America

Hawaii Cruises: Cruises to Hawaii

Hawaii is a world-famous vacation destination, but it isn't necessarily known as a cruise destination, at least relatively speaking. However, there are plenty of cruises to Hawaii, and they are quite diverse; for this reason, it is helpful to have a guide of the various cruises to Hawaii. We have therefore composed a guide of the cruises to Hawaii, wherein we organize the different types of cruises to Hawaii, as well as list the main cruise lines that sail to Hawaii. This is first and foremost an informative overview that seeks to organize the various cruises to Hawaii, but it will also indirectly help with practical considerations, like how to book a cruise to Hawaii. Read more [...]

Hawaiian Cruises

Hawaiian cruises are among the top romantic cruises on the market today. Hawaiian cruises are also the most accessible and affordable cruises available today, which also makes them popular among families and singles alike. Read more [...]

Hawaii Travel Cruise

From Maui and Oahu to Kauai and The Big Island, Hawaii cruise passengers are in for a treat during their Hawaii travel cruise vacation. Lucky cruisers will visit some of the world's most beautiful islands and swim and scuba dive in some of the earth's most pristine waters. Not only is Hawaii popular for its stunning beauty, it is also one of the most romantic, and most accessible cruise destinations in the world. Read more [...]