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Getting to Know the Holland America Cruise Line

The Holland America Cruise Line is certainly steeped in history and tradition, as it dates back to 1873. Though the line is now a part of the Carnival Corporation, it is still very reminiscent of its Dutch heritage. Afternoon tea is still offered each day by staff members who are mostly of Indonesian lineage, as Indonesia was formerly a Dutch colony. The majority of the HAL fleet consists of mid-sized ships with only a few of the newest additions offering a capacity in excess of 2000 passengers. Read more [...]

The Cruise Ships of Holland America Line

We recently posted an article about Holland America Line detailing some basic facts about its cruise line. However, we didn’t detail Holland America Line’s fleet of cruise ships, so in this article we take close look at Holland America Line’s fifteen cruise ships, examining their measurements and capacities, as well as the classes into which they fit. Read more [...]

Holland America Line

Holland America Line (HAL) is a company that operates cruise ships. Because it operates cruises, it is often called “Holland America Cruise Line” or “Holland America Cruise Lines,” although strictly speaking neither is accurate. It is also called “Holland American Line,” which is also incorrect. The company, which is now headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has adopted the motto “A Signature of Excellence.” Like Princess Cruises, it is owned by Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise company in the world. Read more [...]

Holland American Cruise Lines

No matter how you say it, "Holland American Cruise Lines," "Holland America Line," or "Holland American Cruises," Holland America Line (HAL) is considered one of the world's top luxury cruise lines. Read more [...]

Holland America Cruise Lines Alaska Cruise

The Alaska cruise season typically lasts from May through September with the exception of special expedition cruises. Cruises depart from Vancouver, Canada (the most popular departure port), Seattle, Washington, Seward (Anchorage) Alaska, and San Diego, California. Holland America Line offers 7-day, 10-day, 11-day, 12-day, and 14-day cruises ranging in price from $800 or so, depending on room type/view and length of cruise, up to $4,000 or more. Read more [...]

Contact Number for Holland America Cruise Lines

With more than 130 years of experience, Holland America Cruise Lines is recognized as a leader in luxury cruising. Holland America Cruise Lines offers nearly 500 cruises from more than 25 homeports. This means, Holland America Cruise Lines has the means to offer itineraries ranging from two all the way up to 108 days. Read more [...]
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