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Dining Cruises in Berkeley: A Guide

The dining cruises in Berkeley are fairly limited. There are not regularly scheduled brunch, lunch, and dinner cruises, so you can't simply take a dining cruise on any given day. Indeed, you can't even take a dining cruise in any given month, as the offerings all take the form of specialty cruises, which are almost always connected to holidays, and these holidays can be spread out by several weeks. Thus, a dining cruise in Berkeley can basically only be taken to celebrate a holiday, unless you charter a boat, which is possible, and then you can have a dining cruise whenever you want. It is also worth noting that Berkeley is near other places that offer dining cruises, so even if you can't take one from Berkeley's marina, there might still be options for you. Read more [...]
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Hornblower Cruises

Hornblower Cruises, more expansively known as Hornblower Cruises and Events, offers a variety of short cruise trips in cities across the country, but primarily in California. Hornblower's offerings are quite diverse, so it is hard to define a typical Hornblower cruise, but a celebration of some kind - for a holiday or private event - is often at the center of a cruise. A Hornblower cruise generally includes a meal and drinks, which are spread out over a three- or four-hour sailing. Hornblower Cruises therefore isn't a vacation cruise line, but rather a company that uses their boats for dining cruises and to host private events, and to occasionally provide ferry services. Since the company offers so many different cruises, we thought it would be helpful to explain exactly what they do in the following concise guide to Hornblower Cruises. Read more [...]
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Hornblower Valentine’s Day Cruises

In preparation for the holiday, we've been writing a lot about Valentine's Day cruises, and one company that has come up repeatedly is Hornblower Cruises and Events. The company offers Valentine's Day cruises from most of the ports it operates out of - including New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Marina Del Mar, Newport Beach, and Berkeley - making Hornblower one of the major providers of Valentine's Day cruises in the country. Below we delve into their specific Valentine's Day cruises a bit more, explaining what is available and what you can expect on board a Hornblower cruise. Read more [...]