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How to Book a Circle Line Cruise

There are two companies that offer Circle Line cruises: Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises at 42nd Street and Circle Line Downtown. They originate from the same company (Circle Line), which explains their similar names and business missions, but they are nevertheless distinct companies. This presents certain challenges to those attempting to book a Circle Line cruise. For one, there is ample room for confusion; unless you're familiar with New York City sightseeing cruises, you wouldn't know that the two Circle Line companies are fully separate and therefore offer totally different cruises. This means that not only are there more options to sift through, but also that they must be booked in separate ways. This doesn't make booking a Circle Line cruise difficult, at least not as an action in and of itself, but it does mean that a little guidance is helpful. For this reason, we have explained all you need to know about booking a Circle Line cruise below. Read more [...]
Mississippi River Cruises

How to Book a Mississippi River Cruise

One of the last articles we published explained the basics of Mississippi River cruises. We explained, first of all, that there are such things as Mississippi River cruises, and we also listed the companies that offer them and the types of cruises you can take with them. Overall, we established that there are a great variety of Mississippi River cruises, and concluded that basically anyone who wants to spend some time on the Mississippi can do so on a cruise because there are so many different types. Perhaps you are now convinced that you want to pursue such an experience, so we are here to explain how to book a Mississippi River cruise. Read more [...]

How to Book Repositioning Cruises

Repositioning cruises are, as implied, cruises that reposition ships from one region of the globe to another. Cruise ships need to be relocated to fit the demands of the cruising seasons, and it is an added bonus that a cruise line can charge passengers to come along for the relocation. This much was covered in our article on the basics of repositioning cruises, which are also called "repo cruises" and "transitional cruises." We also covered the discounts available for repositioning cruises, as well as explained the type of people who can take one of these unique vacations. But this still leaves a gap in our coverage: how can you actually book a repositioning cruise? You might know that you want to and can take a repositioning cruise, and you might even know which type you want to take, but still not know exactly how to book one. As a consequence, we have explained below how to book a repositioning cruise. Read more [...]

How to Book Cheap Mediterranean Cruises

By now, regular readers will have noticed our recent preoccupation with cheap Mediterranean cruises. A Mediterranean cruise is about as close as you can get to a perfect vacation, and the cruise will be doubly good if you can get it at a discounted rate. So we consider them a worthy topic to dwell on, and as a consequence we have covered such topics as the cruise lines that offer cheap Mediterranean cruises and the destinations that can be visited on a cheap cruise in the Mediterranean. However, we have yet to explain how to book a cheap Mediterranean cruise (or "cheap Med cruise," to use the common abbreviation), a gap that must be filled in case we have persuaded readers to buy a ticket to sail on the glorious Mediterranean Sea. Read more [...]

How to Book a Last-Minute Cruise

As a recent series of articles about last-minute cruises shows, we are keen to explain all the details of this type of cruise vacation to our readers. We've explored who can take a last-minute cruise and who cannot take a last-minute cruise, and more generally we've written an introduction to last-minute cruises. These articles make it clear that while last-minute cruises are an excellent vacation option to consider if you want to keep costs down, there are a number of practical limitations that preclude some from taking them. But suppose you are one of the people who can seize these great deals. The question of course becomes: how do you actually go about booking a last-minute cruise? Read more [...]

How to Book a Scottish Cruise

When we write an article about cruises connected to a specific part of the world, we feel a certain obligation to follow it up with an explanation of how to actually book one of these cruises. You can know everything there is to know about the cruise itself, and yet have no idea how to actually take one. And so as a follow-up to our article about Scotland cruises, we will explain how to book a cruise to, or around, Scotland. Scotland cruises (or Scottish cruises, technically) are perhaps particularly well deserving of an article of this sort because a "Scottish cruise" is a tricky cruise to define. Below we'll explain how to book each of the different types of Scottish cruises, covering cruises to Scotland, cruises from Scotland, and cruises around Scotland. Read more [...]