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The Sinking of SS Kiangya (a.k.a. Jiangya)

The sinking of SS Kiangya, which is also spelled "Jiangya," is one of the worst ship disasters to occur during the 20th century. It occurred on December 4, 1948. Although the exact number of casualties is unknown, it is believed that the SS Kiangya shipwreck (or Jiangya shipwreck, as some sources have it) claimed the lives of between 2,750 and 3,920 people, making it the second deadliest peacetime ship disaster, regardless of the precise number of deaths. (The deadliest peacetime ship disaster is the sinking of MV Doña Paz.) Information about the sinking of Kiangya is not nearly as readily available as it for other major ship disasters, like the Titanic wreck, so below we've compiled some basic facts about the Kiangya disaster (or Jiangya disaster). Read more [...]
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