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Truck Driver Strike at Port of Los Angeles is Over, but Tension Remains

Anyone who follows the shipping industry watched the truck driver strike at the Port of Los Angeles with great interest over the last several days. For now, the Port of Los Angeles trucker strike is over, but only in the sense that workers aren't currently refusing to work. The demands of the truck drivers who were striking have not been met, and there has been no other formal agreement between the drivers and the companies they work for - Green Fleet Systems, Total Transportation Services Inc., and Pacific 9 Transportation Inc. Instead, the situation has merely transitioned to a "cooling-off period," in the words of the Los Angeles Mayor, who helped end the strike. Below we explain the essentials of the Truck Driver Strike at the Port of Los Angeles. Read more [...]
Port of Los Angeles

The Port City of Los Angeles: Things to See and Do Before Leaving on a Cruise

There are thousands of cruises from California every year, and the Port of Los Angeles is the busiest port in the state (and indeed in the country), so it is one of the more likely ports you'll pass through if you take cruise vacations. However, Los Angeles is obviously a city known for much more than its port, and there are many things to see and do in the city before or after your cruise. In fact, there is so much to do and see in Los Angeles that it is worth budgeting an extra day or so into your cruise vacation to take in the city. If you are able to do this, or even if you just have a few hours to kill, consider this guide of things to see and do before leaving on a cruise from Los Angeles. Read more [...]