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Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess

Regal Princess is a next-generation cruise ship from Princess Cruises that features many innovative amenities and experiences. The ship was built to “wow” and it does just that, with thrilling attractions like a glass-bottom SeaWalk that USA Today called one of the “Top Gee-Whiz Features at Sea.” Read more [...]

Living on a Cruise Ship Instead of in a Retirement Home

What would life be like upon retirement if you traveled the world instead of living in a retirement home? Would you experience more joy? Would you feel like the new phase of your life was actually a celebration instead of a time preparing for the end? There are quite a few people who enter retirement with a spirit of adventure, and they choose cruise ships as locations for their stories to play out. These folks want to see what’s out there in the world besides the job they’ve had for the last 45 years or anything else that might have been tying them down. And, they often looking for a fulfillment in life that comes within a fixed budget that they’ve established for themselves. Read more [...]
Regal Princess

Regal Princess

Have you heard about the cruise ship with the glass-bottom, over-the-ocean-hanging SeaWalk attraction? The attraction that USA Today called one of the “Top Gee-Whiz Features at Sea?” Its on the Regal Princess, a Princess Cruises ship that offers many exciting and innovative features in addition to SeaWalk. Want to hear more? Here’s the scoop on Regal Princess. Read more [...]
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Princess Cruise Lines: An Overview

We have written this article and given it the title "Princess Cruise Lines" primarily to clear up a confusion. There is actually no Princess Cruise Lines - plenty of people search for it, but technically no company goes by that name - but there is a Princess Cruises, the "Love Boat" cruise line because one of its ships was used for the television show. Princess Cruises is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, an enormous enterprise that operates several distinct cruise lines. Perhaps people simply think Princess Cruises is called Princess Cruise Lines, or it might be that people are mixing up a single cruise line (Princess Cruises) with the company that owns it, mistakenly thinking that the cruise line conglomerate Carnival Corporation is called Princess. Whatever the confusion, we set everything straight below. Read more [...]

Princess Cruise Lines Cruise Shore Leave

Princess Cruise Lines cruise shore leave, like all cruise shore leaves, is a leave granted to a ship's crew for going ashore. During Princes Cruise Lines cruise shore leave, the ship's crew is free to do whatever he/she wants during this break from an exciting, although hectic cruise schedule. Read more [...]

Princess Cruise Lines Executives

Princess Cruise Lines is one of Carnival Cruise Corporations most successful brands. It is also home to hundreds of staff, crewmembers, and corporate employees as well as well as a select group of Princess Cruise Line executives. One such executive is CEO of P&O Princess Cruises Ltd., Peter G. Ratcliffe. Read more [...]
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