Living on a Cruise Ship Instead of in a Retirement Home

What would life be like upon retirement if you traveled the world instead of living in a retirement home? Would you experience more joy? Would you feel like the new phase of your life was actually a celebration instead of a time preparing for the end?

There are quite a few people who enter retirement with a spirit of adventure, and they choose cruise ships as locations for their stories to play out. These folks want to see what’s out there in the world besides the job they’ve had for the last 45 years or anything else that might have been tying them down. And, they often looking for a fulfillment in life that comes within a fixed budget that they’ve established for themselves.

Is it possible? Can it be reality to retire, travel across the globe, and live the last quarter of one’s life without worrying about paying rent or utility bills? Of course it is. It’s called living on a cruise ship and it’s a creative way of living in retirement that people call real life.

Real Life People Living on Cruise Ships in Retirement

There’s a woman who has been making headlines recently for living on a Princess cruise ship. Instead of moving into a retirement home in her golden years, she decided to use her money to buy passage after passage on Princess cruises, essentially living on the cruise ships and seeing the world as she aged.

Many people, in fact, are choosing to live on cruise ships in retirement. If you were to take a cruise tomorrow, you might notice that some of the older ladies and gentlemen seem to be known by much of the ship’s staff, from the servers to the ship’s officers.

These people might be retired and frequent cruisers who take back-to-back journeys, sometimes without end, visiting gorgeous locales, meeting people, and living with luxurious accommodations and outstanding restaurants at their disposal 24/7.

What’s It Like Living on a Cruise Ship?

Those who live on cruise ships will often tell you that they find the continual voyages much cheaper than actually living in a nursing home, or paying rent on an apartment. Even those who have homes that are paid off, and don’t have to worry about a mortgage or other housing costs, like to live on cruise ships for the company that’s available to them.

How fun would it be to cruise for life, talking with a new batch of people each week or two (some your own age and some younger) and enjoying dozens of new experiences every day?

We love the idea of living on cruise ship when we’re retired, even if it’s just for part of the year. When we’re old, we welcome the chance to cruise the planet, soaking in its beauty and connecting with others who like to do the same, at least some of the time.

What about you? Do you think you could enjoy retirement with shopping malls, casinos, movie theaters, Broadway-style theaters, pools, gyms, spas, and fun lounges just steps from where you sleep at night? Are you currently retired and living on a cruise ship? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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