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Cruising To or From San Diego: The Best Beaches to Visit on a Weekend Stay

If you have a day or weekend to kill before or after your San Diego cruise, consider hitting a beach. Summer’s already over, but the weather in sunny San Diego is still gorgeous. There are plenty of opportunities left to lounge an afternoon away on the sand or go exploring in some coastal tide pools. Actually, San Diego sees beautiful temperatures almost year round, so you can play in the surf or even go kayaking through the waves nearly anytime. Read more [...]

Attend the San Diego Festival of Sail

One of the top San Diego Events of the summer is always the Festival of Sail, which is held Labor Day Weekend. This year’s Festival of Sail will see an expanded venue, with opportunities galore to celebrate everything related to ships and sailing at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Read more [...]

Learn About San Diego Harbor Cruises

When you’re looking for a great way to sightsee and take in some of the best experiences that make San Diego a top tourist destination, consider taking a San Diego harbor cruise. Read more [...]

Luxury Hotels in San Diego for Your Pre-Cruise Overnight Stay

Cruising out of San Diego and looking for a luxury hotel to stay in the night before you sail? The following upscale hotels will allow you to rest and relax in style, as you prepare for an exciting cruise out of San Diego to a magical locale: Read more [...]
San Diego Holiday Lights Cruises

San Diego Holiday Lights Cruises

If you live in the San Diego area, or will be visiting during the holiday season, consider taking a holiday lights cruise around San Diego. There are a couple of ways you can enjoy these festive events. You can hop on board a small cruise vessel and view the many twinkling holiday lights in San Diego’s skyline. Or, you can see lit-up and decorated boats from the shore of San Diego’s best beaches, and take in the sights of a holiday cruise boat parade off the water. Read more [...]
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The Port City of San Diego: Things to See and Do Before Leaving on a Cruise

San Diego is a nice place to find yourself if you have some spare time - like before leaving on a cruise, for instance. As is the case with most large American cities, there are plenty of things to see and do in San Diego, and we have highlighted a few sights and activities in particular that could be experienced before or after a cruise. If you have multiple days in San Diego, you can essentially do whatever you want, and this obviously includes what we list below; however, we have made recommendations with cruise vacationers in mind who may only have a few hours to spare. So, what we write shouldn't be taken as an exhaustive list of all that San Diego has to offer. We are only writing, as the title implies, a list of the things to see and do before leaving on a cruise (or after you return). Read more [...]