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The Destinations of Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises, the luxury cruise line ever at risk of having its name misspoken ("Silverseas Cruises") or misspelled ("Silver Sea Cruises" or "Silver Seas Cruises), travels to destinations all over the world. In this regard, they are like other major cruise lines. However, unlike other major cruise lines, Silversea operates a fleet of only six small ships (as covered in our article about the cruise ships of Silversea Cruises), and while this limits the number of cruises Silversea can offer each year, it does allow them to reach more remote destinations. The present article examines the destinations visited by Silversea Cruises, as well as why you might want to take a Silversea cruise to one of these destinations. Read more [...]

The Cruise Ships of Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises (alternatively, but incorrectly, called "Silverseas Cruises," and occasionally spelled "Silver Sea Cruises" or "Silver Seas Cruises") has a relatively small fleet consisting of only six vessels. They range in size, although they are all small by cruise-ship standards. Of course, the size of a ship does not correspond to the quality of services it offers, and in any case smaller cruise ships enjoy definite advantages over their larger counterparts. Below we have compiled some information about all the Silversea Cruises cruise ships, including both general information about the fleet and specific information about each ship. Read more [...]
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