The Destinations of Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises, the luxury cruise line ever at risk of having its name misspoken (“Silverseas Cruises”) or misspelled (“Silver Sea Cruises” or “Silver Seas Cruises), travels to destinations all over the world. In this regard, they are like other major cruise lines. However, unlike other major cruise lines, Silversea operates a fleet of only six small ships (as covered in our article about the cruise ships of Silversea Cruises), and while this limits the number of cruises Silversea can offer each year, it does allow them to reach more remote destinations. The present article examines the destinations visited by Silversea Cruises, as well as why you might want to take a Silversea cruise to one of these destinations.

We’ll begin with the places you can visit while vacationing with Silversea. Despite the relatively small size of the fleet, Silversea offers a large variety of different cruise vacations. They cruise to all the major cruise destinations, which the company breaks into the following nine global regions: (1) Mediterranean, (2) Northern Europe & Baltic, (3) Africa, Arabia & Indian Ocean, (4) Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, (5) Caribbean, Mexico & Panama Canal, (6) South America, (7) Alaska & Pacific Coast, (8) Canada & New England, and (9) Asia. You’ll perhaps notice that this pretty well covers the world – basically only the polar regions of the globe are missing. However, Silversea actually goes to these places too with their “Expedition Cruises,” which also go to exotic locations in Africa and South America. You can take a Silversea cruise to (almost literally) everywhere in the world.

Besides these destination-oriented cruises, Silversea also offers a number of cruises that go to several parts of the globe in one voyage, as well as cruises that basically function as regular transportation between two points that are generally covered with an airplane. As concerns the former, Silversea offers several “grand voyages,” which are actually combinations of a few separate cruises that are strung together. All of them last over a month and visit a number of ports all over the world. Once a year, Silversea also offers a world cruise, a multi-month expedition that covers the entire globe. As for the latter, Silversea has transoceanic cruises that begin at a port on one side of the world and end at another. The majority of these voyages go between the US and Europe, as one might expect, but there are also voyages from Japan to Canada and from the Caribbean to Europe. Silversea also allows passengers to design their own cruises, such that they can embark at one port and debark from another even if the official cruise is underway. These “personalized voyages” and the transoceanic cruises are basically a more leisurely (and luxurious) way to travel between different parts of the globe.

So, we have now said where you can take a Silversea cruise vacation, but why would you want to take one? This question was already addressed, albeit somewhat indirectly, in our general overview of Silversea Cruises. There is no reason to repeat ourselves, so all we will say here is that Silversea, being a luxury cruise line, has a reputation for offering its passengers an exceptionally pampered cruise experience (for a relatively high price, we should add). The other reason you might be tempted to take a Silversea cruise is that the company offers voyages to places that other major cruise lines cannot. They are able to this because, as we mentioned above, Silversea operates small cruise ships that can access ports that are inaccessible to larger ships. With Silversea, you can of course visit the major ports, but you might also find yourself cruising down the Thames River in London or navigating the intricate fjords of Norway. Such journeys demand smaller, nimbler vessels, which is exactly what Silversea offers.

There is no shortage of places that Silversea Cruises can take you. If you are inclined to take a Silver cruise (and you can afford to do so), you can travel to virtually anywhere in the world.

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