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Swamp Cruises in Florida

Among many other things, Florida is known for its open spaces, and none are more famous than the vast interconnected wetlands that collectively form the Florida Everglades. The Everglades are packed with vegetation and wildlife that draw visitors all year long, and one of the best ways to explore the wetlands is through a swamp cruise, which frequently takes the form of airboat tours. Below is a guide to the swamp cruises of Florida that gives you an idea of what to expect when you tour the Everglades, as well as points you toward the places where swamp cruises are offered in Florida. Read more [...]
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Swamp Cruises in Louisiana

While there are a number of swamp tours in the states along the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is definitely where most are concentrated. When you search for "swamp cruises" or variants ("swamp tour," "swamp boat tour," and so on), the first few results are almost always for Louisiana. Louisiana's position as the capital of swamp cruises makes sense, as so much of the state is in fact a swamp; the entire coast is basically a giant wetland, at least for now (rising sea levels are slowly absorbing the marshes into the sea, alas). Below we provide a guide to the swamp cruises of Louisiana, pointing you to who offers them and what you can expect while taking one. Read more [...]
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Swamp Cruises in Mississippi

If you are interested in nature and find yourself near the coast in Mississippi, a swamp cruise is a natural possibility to explore. However, since Mississippi's coastline is relatively short, and since the swamp lands in the state are somewhat limited, there are not many different swamp cruise options to choose from, in contrast to a place like Louisiana. What options exist we detail, though, and we also give a brief overview of what to expect when you take a Mississippi swamp cruise. Read more [...]