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Tauck River Cruises: What Tauck River Cruises are Available?

As we noted in a previous article about Tauck River Cruises, Tauck is a company that not only operates river cruises, but also an assortment of other adventure vacations, not all of which involve bodies of water, such as safaris. (Less importantly, Tauck is very often spelled "Tack" - this is noteworthy only because this spelling error appears to be more problematic with Tauck than with other cruise companies, perhaps because "tack" is an actual word. "Tack cruises" and "tack river cruises" could trick a search engine into thinking you are in fact searching for a nonexistent tack cruise. A similar problem would not occur with a misspelling like "Carnivel cruise" or "Carribean cruise," for instance.) In this article, as in the last, we are only concerned with Tauck river cruises. However, rather than focus on them in general, as we did previously, we wanted to focus on a few specific cruises - a representative sample, if you will - to give you a better sense of what a Tauck river cruise is all about. Read more [...]

Tauck River Cruises

Tauck river cruises are river cruises that are offered by Tauck, a company that operates not only cruises, but also land-based tours. The company is sometimes misspelled as "Tack," such that people on occasion search for Tack river cruises or Tack tours that don't exist, as if small pointy nails offered land and sea journeys across the world. Although Tauck offers a staggering variety of different adventure vacations, ranging from Tanzanian safaris to winter treks in Yellowstone, the present article focuses only on Tauck river cruises, of which there are many. Read more [...]