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Cruises To Go

Lots of things can be ordered "to go," but cruises aren't one of them. Indeed, it is entirely nonsensical to seek a cruise to go. A category mistake permeates the very notion of "to-go cruises," as a cruise is just not the sort of thing that can be ordered to go. But, of course, people searching for cruises to go are not looking for take-out cruises. Rather, they are probably looking for one of two things, neither of which is called "Cruises To Go." First, one might be looking for Vacations To Go, a cruise deal site that specializes in last-minutes cruises. The other possibility is that they are looking for Four Seasons Cruises and Tours, which owns the URL Rather than focus on "Cruises To Go" as an incoherent concept or as a nonexistent company, we'll focus on these two other companies that might mistakenly be called "Cruises To Go." Read more [...]
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