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The World Cruises of 2022

So whether you're looking to spend a good chunk of next year on a cruise ship or you're just simply interested in the details, let's take a look at a few of the world cruises being offered in 2022. Read more [...]
Costco cruises

Costco World Cruises

World cruises, at least when understood expansively, are rare, and for obvious reasons. Planning a multiple-month voyage, fitting it into a cruise line's larger schedule, and finding people who want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to take a cruise is a difficult and complex undertaking. There therefore aren't many world cruises, and the small selection of Costco world cruises reflects this. But Costco world cruises there are, and below we have explained how you can find these cruises and book them via Costco Travel. Read more [...]

World Cruise

Believe it or not, world cruises are not just for the wealthy. Now, more than ever a world cruise is accessible to people of all backgrounds and income levels. This means that during your world cruise you will meet people young and old, wealthy and working class, liberal and conservative. A world cruise has never been more diverse or more popular than it is today. Read more [...]

Cruise the World

Although the first world cruise set sail nearly a century ago carrying some of the wealthiest people on the planet, and its popularity among the younger set never really peaked in the following years, today, cruises are not just for seniors or people with deep pockets anymore. Today, the world cruise theme is experiencing an increase in popularity for people from all educational, income, age, and ethnic backgrounds. Cruising the world has never been more diverse or popular than it is today - for all. Read more [...]
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