The World Cruises of 2022

World cruises are, simply put, the ultimate cruise experience. Who doesn’t want to hop on a cruise ship and enjoy months upon months of nonstop travel bliss? They may not be realistic itineraries for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all take a look at them and get inspiration for our own future trips. So whether you’re looking to spend a good chunk of next year on a cruise ship or you’re just simply interested in the details, let’s take a look at a few of the world cruises being offered in 2022.

Holland America’s 2022 Grand World Voyage

This cruise from Holland America is definitely one that should get you thinking about writing a world cruise onto your bucket list. The 128-day voyage takes you from one end of the earth all the way to the other. And yes, you are going to see some amazing things along the way. It departs from Fort Lauderdale on January 3rd, 2022 and returns there on May 12th, 2022. You’ll sail along the Amazon River in Brazil, spend a few days in Hawaii, and then head over to Japan. And you still have about three months left after that. Booking ends on June 1st, 2021; get more details here.

2022 World Cruise on Silver Whisper

Silversea’s 2022 world cruise is slightly longer than Holland America’s at 138 days. It also departs from Fort Lauderdale at the beginning of the year (January 5th, 2022, to be exact), but there is a key difference in that this is not a round trip. This cruise ends in Copenhagen. But the fact that it isn’t a round trip means that you will have even more time to explore the locations that you go to. In total, there are 69 ports across 32 countries. If you’re looking to visit some of the coolest locations on this humble planet, this could be a great way to do that. You can request a quote starting from $89,100 here.

2022 Epic World Quest from Oceania

Of all the cruises that we’ve looked at, this is definitely the one most deserving of the word “epic.” Dubbed a true circumnavigation, this cruise takes you to 44 countries over the course of 196 days. Yep, you read that right. You’ll get to visit Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Unfortunately for anyone reading this, this particular cruise is currently sold out. However, you can still apply to be on the waitlist if you’re hoping to grab a spot. You can do that over here.

All of us may not be able to cruise the world over the course of 200 days, but smaller adventures are still very realistic for the average traveler. If you feel inspired by these itineraries, start shopping around for a cruise vacation of your own!

The World Cruises of 2022
Article Name
The World Cruises of 2022
So whether you're looking to spend a good chunk of next year on a cruise ship or you're just simply interested in the details, let's take a look at a few of the world cruises being offered in 2022.

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