The Best Spots for Whale Watching Cruises

Whale watching cruises are among the coolest things you can do. It’s a truly unique experience. While relaxing on the comfort of a ship, you get to observe some of the most incredible animals on our planet. What’s not to love? If you’re considering hopping on a cruise ship to try your luck at seeing some whales, here are our recommended spots. These locations are considered the best for whale watching. And hey, you’ll still get some beautiful views of nature even if the whales are too busy to show themselves.


This one is pretty obvious. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting Alaska, and it’s easy to see why. The locales are breathtaking, the excursions feel adventurous, and there’s a high likelihood of seeing whales. There are a lot of different whales to spot in Alaska, ranging from orcas to humpbacks. You can charter a small or large boat if you’re visiting almost any port city in Alaska, or you can simply book a longer Alaskan itinerary that includes a whale watching portion. Summer is the most popular season for Alaskan whale watching, but you can go almost year round… if you have the right clothes. Brr.

Galapagos Islands

Wildlife enthusiasts flock to the Galapagos Islands every year to take a look at the beautiful animals that can be found there. Most Galapagos itineraries aren’t focused on whale watching specifically, but that shouldn’t dissuade anyone hoping to see some cetaceans. Whales are constantly found in the waters near these islands, so any and all cruises in the area are effectively whale watching cruises. If you time your trip right, you might even see blue whales! Whale sharks and dolphins are just bonuses.

San Juan Islands, Washinghton

Not everyone can afford a magnificent expedition to see whales. The good news is, though, that you don’t have to travel far from home to go whale watching. The west coast of the United States offers many opportunities to sight large marine mammals, with Washington State being one of the nation’s finest locations. You can easily book a day cruise around the San Juan Islands. There, you can see orcas throughout the entire year. Warmer temperatures also bring the chance to see other whales ranging from minkes to greys.

If you’ve never been whale watching before, we strongly suggest adding one of these cruises to your bucket list. There’s just something indescribable about seeing such a large and majestic animal in its natural habitat.

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