The Capital Jazz Cruise

The Capital Jazz Cruise, technically (and more grandiosely) called the Capital Jazz SuperCruise, is one of several jazz cruises that take place each year. The Capital Jazz Cruise is, not surprisingly, presented by Capital Jazz, which operates a radio station (Capital Jazz Radio) and puts on a festival (Capital Jazz Fest) each year in Washington, D.C. Clearly, Capital Jazz is a unique enterprise – it is part radio station, part festival organizer, and part cruise ship operator. It is only the last function of Capital Jazz that we are interested in, however, so we’ll leave the rest behind. The Capital Jazz Cruise of 2013 is disembarking in just a couple of weeks, and there are still available spots, or if this is too late of notice, you can also already sign up for the Capital Jazz Cruise of 2014. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. What exactly is the Capital Jazz Cruise? For that matter, what is a jazz cruise in general? To these questions we turn our attention.

To take the more basic question first, a jazz cruise is simply a cruise with a jazz theme. That is, the cruise is largely focused on jazz, and the people who desire to take these cruises are generally jazz enthusiasts. Obviously, jazz cruises offer plenty of live jazz performances – several jazz bands and musicians are invited on the cruise, and there are often multiple concerts and shows every day – but their focus can be slightly broader. For instance, some jazz cruises enable passengers to meet musicians, and there are often educational opportunities, like music classes and clinics for certain jazz instruments. Basically, if you are a serious fan of jazz and enjoy cruising, few vacations could be more enticing to you than a jazz cruise

All of this information about jazz cruises in general applies to Capital Jazz Cruises in particular. Scores of jazz groups and musicians play on board Capital Jazz’s cruises, and there are also a number of educational opportunities for passengers, like classes that are led by the performing musicians themselves. The Capital Jazz Cruises, which have been operating since 2007, also take place on a Carnival cruise ship (this year and next year’s will be on the Carnival Freedom), so apart from all the jazz-themed activities, passengers have access to the amenities of a major cruise ship, like excellent restaurants, a variety of bars and nightclubs, a casino, and so on. Finally, Capital Jazz Cruises are eight-day cruises to multiple destinations in the Caribbean; passengers get to enjoy all that this part of the world has to offer as they revel in jazz and other cruise activities.

For a certain type of person, a jazz cruise is a perfect vacation. If you are a huge fan of jazz who enjoys cruising (or can even just tolerate it), you should definitely look into jazz cruises. There are a number offered each year that are worth looking into, and be sure to check out the Capital Jazz Cruise. Cruising is great way to spend your time off, and if you can combine it with something you love, you’ll have a difficult time finding a more ideal vacation.

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