Three Amazing African Cruises for 2021

You might not feel very positive when you think about the future of cruising, but these three African itineraries just might change that! While there’s not a whole lot of sailing going on right now for obvious reasons, that doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be amazing cruises to take again. Once the coronavirus calms down and it becomes safe to travel again, it will be like exploring a whole new world. You’ll have so much more appreciation for what it’s like outside of your house! To get you excited for those days of normalcy, check out these African itineraries that you can book for 2021.

Bangkok to Cape Town with Crystal

Crystal is known as one of the most popular luxury cruise lines out there. If you’re looking to travel to a foreign nation in comfort and style, they are an excellent option. This particular itinerary isn’t exactly cheap (expect it to start around $20,000 or so), but you’re definitely getting what you paid for. It starts off on January 6, 2021 and doesn’t finish up until March 22. Yup, that’s 75 nights. What a way to start off the year! You’ll start off docking in Thailand, Cambodia and other Asian destinations before getting to Africa, where you’ll visit Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and more. You’ll spend a good amount of time in South Africa before finally heading back. Read more over here.

Splendors of Egypt and the Nile with Uniworld

This is an itinerary that Uniworld runs often, and it’s a great one. The 2021 version starts off in Cairo and takes you across the Nile to visit Luxor, the temples at Kom Ombo, and the amazing dam at Aswan. You’ll even get the chance to take a ride in a traditional Egyptian sailboat, which is certainly a unique opportunity. Perhaps most exciting of all, though, is just the chance to catch the sights and experience the magnificent Nile River as you spend days sailing across it. You’re bound to come away changed. You can read a day-by-day break down over here

Africa: South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique with Norwegian

Here’s one that caters to those who want an amazing African vacation while still being smart with their finances. This itinerary from Norwegian starts at about $1200, yet still offers 12 days of incredible exploration. You’ll see giant sand dunes, beautiful beaches, Cape Town itself, and you’ll even get to go on an authentic African safari! This is the type of trip that would be excellent for anyone looking to travel to Africa for the first time. Find all the details over here

All three of these itineraries are very exciting, but it really just gets to the tip of the iceberg. 2021 holds an endless number of awesome African cruises, so do some research and find the perfect one for you!

Three Amazing African Cruises for 2021
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Three Amazing African Cruises for 2021
You might not feel very positive when you think about the future of cruising, but these three African itineraries just might change that!

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