More Cancellations for Cruise Lines

We’ve had some good news lately, such as an increase in bookings for Carnival and some interesting new tech developments that could make sailing safer, but that doesn’t mean the less cheery stuff has all gone. We’re all working towards a coronavirus-free world, but the grip the virus has on the cruise industry is not gone quite yet. Since the beginning of the outbreak, cruise lines have been forced to make continual cancellations of their itineraries. This continued into this week, with several cruise lines announcing major cancellations and pushing back the date they can begin sailing again.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean will not be in full service again until August 1st. This means that any itinerary that takes place from now until July 31st is cancelled; however, there is one key exception: itineraries to China are actually expected to start up again at the end of June.

Virgin Voyages

The highly anticipated new cruise line Virgin Voyages will sadly be delaying its inaugural sailing quite a bit longer than they were likely hoping. They wrote a message to their partners saying that, while they were looking to start up in August, they have since realized that that isn’t a realistic plan. Instead, October 16th will be the date for their first sailing. If you were one of the many who were looking forward to this cruise line, mark that date on your calendar!


Windstar is a unique cruise line known for its beautiful, sail-powered ships. Their approach to getting back sailing again is a bit more varied than other cruise lines, with a different date for each ship. The earliest they will get back to it is September 3rd, with a Tahiti itinerary for the Wind Spirit. All other ships will begin later, with the Wind Star, Star Breeze, Star Legend and Star Pride all remaining out of the game until 2021.


Norwegian recently announced that they will be cancelling all itineraries through July. This means that they will begin sailing again on August 1st, barring any other complications. Guests who are affected by these cancellations can expect a 125% credit to be used on any cruise through 2022.

It’s not happy news, but hey, it’s what’s going on right now. Hopefully these dates remain concrete and these companies can start sailing again when they intend to, but we’ll be here to tell you if they happen to change.

More Cancellations for Cruise Lines
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More Cancellations for Cruise Lines
Several cruise lines announced major cancellations and pushed back the date they can begin sailing again.

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