Tips About Ship Cabins for First Time Cruisers From Cruise Veterans

Part of the excitement of your first cruise is the thought of all of the new experiences you are about to enjoy. But there is also a small part of you that is trying to figure out what you don’t know, what items you might be forgetting to pack or what situations might catch you off guard. But without being on a ship, living in a cabin and feeling the motion of the vessel as it chugs out to sea, you just don’t know what life on a cruise ship is like. But you can take advantage of the tips being offered by seasoned cruisers who have learned from their rookie mistakes.

A Room With a View – Not Always Best

Having an exterior cabin with a balcony or even just a window to watch the waves while the ship is underway is not always the best idea for someone who is new to life on a cruise ship. Most people will be fine when the sea is calm, but once a little chop develops, many travelers find they do get seasick. Even large vessels do roll enough for the passengers to feel the motion in some areas of the ship. And if your cabin happens to be on a higher deck and along the exterior of the ship, then the motion will be much more noticeable. If sea sickness or motion sickness is at all a concern, then book an interior cabin near the center of the ship. As the ship moves through the water it rocks both to the left and right as well as forward and backward. The cabins that are located closest to the perfect midpoint of the ship will experience much less movement than those nearer the perimeter. The midpoint is the fulcrum of all of the motion and will offer the most stability and least chance of motion sickness. If you find that the rolling motion is not an issue for you then consider that room with a view for your second cruise adventure.

Space Is Limited

Space in most cabins is very limited so you might have an issue finding a place to store your bulky luggage. Some ships leave space under the beds to store luggage but others use built-in bed frames which eliminates that storage spot. If your cabin does not offer under-bed storage then most likely the ship has a storage area for luggage. You can unpack and then call your room steward and ask that your bags be placed in storage until the end of your cruise.

Climate Issues

Most cabins will have a thermostat on the wall but seasoned traveler will all tell you that those are mostly for looks, very few actually control the temperature of your living space. With that in mind, be sure to have a sweater or sweatshirt and long pants with you even on a tropical cruise. The climate might sound warm to you but if you are not used to being in the sun all day, then returning to your cabin might feel cool even at 75-78 degrees. And if you feel a chill in your cabin, be sure to call the steward and ask for them to drop off an extra blanket.

Most passengers spend very little time in their cabin. But a sleepless night with chills or constantly tripping over your luggage can have a dampening effect on your first cruise. Selecting a central location and packing just a single sweater for a chilly evening can be all that you need to do to ensure a perfect cruise experience.

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