Tips For A Solo Lady On A Cruise

As a solo lady on a cruise ship, there can be a few challenges that you will face, but there is no reason that you cannot rise to the occasion and have a fantastic trip without being uncomfortable or self-conscious. However, it is important to remember that some people, both male and female, will assume that you are alone and miserable and try to befriend you.

Ladies are always accused of over-packing even when that is not the case. But as a woman alone on a cruise, it is important to be able to manage your own luggage if the need arises. One sturdy bag on wheels and a carry on sized shoulder bag will be easy to manage and will leave a hand free. Often times others will mean well when offering a hand, but you never know who it is that is offering to carry your luggage. It is far better to manage on your own.

If you are taking a cruise for some quality alone time, you can make that more apparent by reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle or appearing interested in a tablet or smartphone. Often times a woman sitting alone on a cruise ship will be approached by dozens of men, some could be genuinely kind while others are looking for prey. Having something to focus on will help to avoid the issue altogether.

When you are looking for an opportunity to mingle and meet people, group activities are a great way to get started. Taking a class on the ship, joining in a trivia contest or sitting in on a lecture will provide you with ample opportunities to get to know fellow passengers away from the bars and nightclub areas of the ship.

To find a nice place to relax and mingle with other ladies, the spa is always a win-win. This is a very relaxed atmosphere and a place where you will only be in the company of other women. Another place to look for ladies-only activities is at the fitness center. Often times there are ladies aerobics classes, yoga or Pilates.

As a rule, cruise ships are just like small cities, so there are all the same types of people as well. In most cases, you will never have an issue and everyone will be polite and respectful. But in that rare case that someone is not acting in an appropriate manner, don’t be afraid to seek assistance from a crew member.

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