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Tips for Solo Cruisers

Maybe you’re part of a couple where one person loves cruising and the other doesn’t. Or perhaps you’re a single person with plenty of vacation time who likes to get away from it all without being away from it all. There are lots of reasons people enjoy single cruising. Whether you’re an expert solo cruiser or this will be your first sailing, here are some ways to make your trip more enjoyable.

  • This is one time where it’s okay to look out for Number One. Take advantage of all the things you want to do, when you want to do them. Ice cream for dinner? Go for it. Sunrise coffee on the lido deck? Sounds wonderful. Eclectic excursions? Book ‘em. Part of the joy of solo cruising is being able to spend a few days living according to your own desires, like when and where to eat, see a show, swim, get a massage, and more; so make the most of it!
  • Make friends. Check the schedule for activities designed for solo guests. Most cruise lines do offer programs for single travelers, like meet-and-greets, lunches or social hours. It’s nice because you’re able to connect with other fellow travelers who are also cruising solo so it’s a natural ice breaker.
  • Introduce yourself to your stateroom attendant and the front desk staff. If it feels weird, go ask a simple question, like asking for an extra towel or directions to the spa. No one expects something to go wrong on their cruise but sometimes it happens. When you’re traveling with a partner or your family, there’s often an ensuing discussion (“What should we do?”) and a group decision. When travelling solo, you’re the only decision-maker; so when you need help, your stateroom attendant and the front desk staff are great resources to have.
  • Nervous about dining alone? Prefer to dine alone? Visit your maitre’d before dinner. Make your preferences known, and he or she can help seat you at a table with other solo travelers if you prefer or get you a table for one that meets your needs.
  • Feeling shy but still want to participate? Sign up for a class at sea. It’s an easy, low-pressure way to meet people and be social without a day-long commitment like an excursion. Classes can range from painting to exercise, cupcake decorating, sushi making, improv lessons, and more.

There are so many wonderful reasons to go on a solo cruise. And with a few of these helpful hints, you can make your time at sea even more fun and memorable.

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