Uniworld River Cruises in France

River cruises may exists independently or as part of a larger cruise. On larger cruises, a river cruise excursion is usually the highlight of the entire cruise. River cruises, such as Uniworld River Cruises in France, take place aboard a small vessel that navigates the inland waterways of any given region. Unlike large cruise ships, river cruise ships allow the passenger to get up close and personal with nature and the countryside.

Although river cruise ships are smaller, they have many have the same amenities as the larges cruise ships. And, many are just as elegant as some of the larger, higher end vessels. Some river cruise ships may resemble five star hotels with luxurious accommodations as well as passenger sun decks, dining rooms, lounges, fitness facilities, swimming pools, casinos and other entertainment facilities. In addition, many river cruise ships offer both onboard and off board tours of everything from museums and galleries to dozens of other historical and exotic points of interest.

Uniworld River Cruises features boutique river cruise ships including Douro Queen, Douro Spirit, River Ambassador, River Antoinette, Rover Baroness, River Beatrice, River Countess, River Duchess, River Empress, River Princess, River Queen, and River Royale. Uniworld River boutique ships navigate the waterways of Europe, Russia, Egypt, and China.

Some of the top European cruises offered by Uniworld include Grand France (Paris to Arles), Paris & Normandy, Paris & European River Romance (Paris to Nuremberg), and Grand European Odyssey (from Paris to Istanbul). Grand France river voyages last 15 days, while Grand European Odyssey voyages last a whopping 31 days. Paris & Normandy cruises are 9 days, and Paris & European River Romance (Paris to Nuremberg) last 11 days.

Uniworld Cruises offer a number of price ranges to suit all budgets. It is possible to find an 8-11 day cruise for under $2,000. For example, Nuremberg to Vienna, Basel to Amsterdam, and the France River Cruise Paris to Paris are all under $2,000. Most other cruises range from $2,000-$5,000 or more.

Sample Parisian Winter Holiday by Uniworld.com

The allure of Paris and Northern France during the holidays is like a dazzling holiday package just waiting to be unwrapped. Visit this magical place at this most festive time of year and create memories you will never forget. Sample traditional Normandy pancakes and cider while in Les Andelys. In the Medieval town of Rouen, browse through the traditional Christmas Market. Later in the day, be enchanted by an ethereal church choir recital at magnificent Rouen Cathedral, which was famously memorialized in Monet’s paintings.

You’ll have several days to enjoy Paris, with all of her famous landmarks decked out for the holidays. You will visit the incomparable Palace of Versailles and stroll down the famous Champs-Élysées. Take a moonlight drive through the “City of Light” and enjoy an Eiffel Tower light show.

Celebrate the holidays in high style on this memorable trip with the perfect blend of cruising, touring, and free time exploring the grand city of Paris.

Who will enjoy this cruise: Those with a romantic streak will relish this chance to see Paris dressed up in her finest holiday splendor. Art lovers, history buffs, and shoppers will all celebrate this gift of a winter holiday. By www.uniworld.com

To book a Uniworld River Cruise, visit the official Uniworld website at www.uniworld.com.

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