What to Do in San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay is considered one of the best natural harbors in North America. It was colonized by Spain in 1769, used as a base headquarters for U.S. Navy Ships until the Unites States entered World War II, and is currently home to 2 commercial ports and a cruise ship port in San Diego.

Aside from being used for a variety of business purposes throughout it’s history, San Diego Bay is probably best known as a place of enjoyment for San Diego visitors and residents to participate in water sports, take part in leisure activities, and view stunning scenery.

Why You Should Explore San Diego Bay

Numerous San Diego hotels, resorts, and restaurants in San Diego line San Diego Bay. San Diego visitors love to explore the bay and spend time at the parks and nature preserves that dot the shoreline. When you’re wondering what to do in San Diego that will allow you to get out onto the water, consider setting sail on a sightseeing boat into San Diego Bay or having fun on a whale-watching San Diego tour boat that departs from Shelter Island.

San Diego Bay is home to 10 San Diego Museum Ships, which offer plenty of chances to learn something new while you’re on a San Diego vacation. What to do in San Diego can be as simple as boarding the USS Midway Museum in the Bay with you family, or visiting the aircraft carrier museum that’s located in the San Diego Bay. Small boat sailing is one of the most popular San Diego activities to enjoy in the San Diego Bay, or you can always do a little shopping on the edge of the bay at San Diego’s Seaport Village.

Tips for Exploring San Diego Bay

  • Make sure you head to the bay on the Fourth of July for the Big Bay Boom, and annual fireworks display in San Diego.
  • On 2 Sundays in December, San Diego’s Parade of Lights features more than 80 small boats with holiday decorations on them. This is a must-see San Diego event when you visit during the holiday season.
  • San Diego Bay is a great place to spend the entire day at. No more wondering what to do in San Diego when you can swim, sunbathe, kayak, jet ski, sail, and windsurf. Alongside the bay, dine at a San Diego restaurant or attend a concert, one of the most fun San Diego sctivities you’ll experience.

Interesting Facts About San Diego Bay

  • An inlet of San Diego Bay was renamed America’s Cup Harbor to commemorate the occasion of the same name that called the Bay home from 1988 to 1995.
  • The San Diego Bay is lined by dozens of marinas and 9 yacht clubs, including the San Diego Yacht Club.
  • The San Diego Bay is spanned by the San Diego – Coronado bridge, which was built in 1969. The Bridge rises 200 feet above the water so that Navy ships can pass under it.

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