A River Cruise For Millennials

River cruises have always been a favorite type of travel for those who want to experience more than just a cursory view of a few ports of call. But these trips often catered to early risers and those who were a bit older. The sedate morning outings simply do not mesh with the lifestyle or the desires of millennials. However, U by Uniworld has changed the way 21 to 45-year-olds look at a river cruise.

Millennials are an inquisitive group who want to have the time to make a personal connection with destinations. And this could be in the form of a bike tour, an adventure outing or taking a class in mixology at a great local establishment. But the one thing that millennials don’t want to do is jump out of bed at 6 a.m. to get on a tour bus packed with hundreds of other passengers. So U has tailored the entire vacation to this hip group of travelers. Excursions are often scheduled for later morning or early afternoon departures, and most are for small groups with varied interests.

The fresh new approach to river cruises starts with the length of time spent in ports of call. Many cruise lines will work to cram as many stops as possible into the cruise itinerary. But U is happy to offer a more laid-back schedule. A typical 8-day Rhine tour visits seven cities which includes the port of departure and the port at which passengers disembark. What this offers passengers is the opportunity to experience the nightlife in many of the host cities.

The next big difference is in the entertainment options offered onboard the vessel. Gone are the nightclubs, bars, and casinos which have been replaced by activities such as a silent disco where you can listen to the DJ with headphones or chat with your friends. The key is that the choice is up to you. You might also decide to take part in a yoga class, try your hand at painting on the top deck as the staff offers a variety of wines for your enjoyment, or just relax on a deck to read, reflect and relax. And unlike many of the ocean cruises, you will never need to worry about connectivity. WiFi is complimentary and widely accessible.

River cruises are no longer just for the senior crowd who wants to tour museums and ruins in the morning and be back onboard the ship in time for a light lunch and a nap before an early bird dinner. Millennials will feel right at home on the new U by Uniworld.

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