A Bucket List Ocean and River Cruise

Viking has long been known as a leader in both ocean and river cruises. And now this innovative cruise line is the first to offer a single cruise that offers both river and ocean experiences for passengers. Travelers can book for a June 2, 2019, or a September 1, 2020 departure to experience the Rhine, Viking Shores and Fjords trip from Bergen to Basel.

The Ocean

Days one through seven are spent on the ocean. Day one departs from Bergen, Norway, and sails to Flam, Norway. After enjoying that quaint setting day three takes guests to Stavanger, Norway where they can witness Old Town and the largest display of 17th and 18th-century wooden buildings remaining in Europe. Days four and five are spent in Kristiansand and Oslo, Norway respectively and then on to Skagen, Denmark for day six. Day seven is spent cruising the North Sea before arriving in Amsterdam on day eight. Here guests will leave the Viking Sun ocean vessel and board the Viking Voyager, a river vessel.

The River

From Amsterdam, guests will wind to Kinderdijk, a small village which includes 19 windmills built in the 18th century. Day ten finds the Voyager in Cologne, Germany where old meets new with Roman heritage and ancient ruins among the more modern architecture. Heidelberg, Germany is the stop for day 12. This town boasts Germany’s oldest university and amazing castles to explore. Strasbourg, France is the next destination where the proximity to the border makes it a melting pot of culture. Day 14 offers a chance to experience Breisach, Germany which is not only the warmest part of the country, but it is also next to Alsace which is famous for its exceptional vineyards. The final day of the river cruise and this bucket list two-for-one cruise is day 15 when the Voyager docks in Basel, Switzerland. This port is on the Rhine River and is where the French, German and Swiss borders all converge.

A trip to Europe for an amazing river cruise is certainly enough for most travelers, but for the true cruise enthusiast, this combination ocean and river cruise from Viking is a must. For a full 15 days, passengers are treated to nothing but the best in accommodations, cuisine, and entertainment. And each day also offers a new opportunity to witness some of the most amazing historical destinations and beauty that Europe has to offer. Which is why this unique experience is certainly a bucket list adventure.

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