Accessing The Internet When On A Cruise

Even when on vacation, most people want to have access to the Internet. But getting a WiFi package can be very expensive, for example, 15 minutes on Norwegian’s WiFi could be purchased for $9.95. If you know that Internet access is critical for you, then be sure to buy your plan before your trip as the cost is often discounted as much as 15% prior to departure.
If you are working while you travel, you could also discover that during peak usage, the WiFi can be very slow. Scheduling your work sessions at off-peak times will help to increase the speed of the Internet and will help to reduce your stress level. If the issue continues and you are not able to have reliable or efficient access you should request a refund for the minutes of your package that you have used.
If you have the ability to choose the times that you are working, there are often free WiFi locations in all of the ports that you will visit. It is best to walk a few blocks from the dock area and look for a café, bar or restaurant that offers free WiFi. Many times crew members can recommend locations with reliable free Internet access. You can also plan ahead and research the locations in each port that offer free WiFi access. Normally, larger chain restaurants and many malls will offer the best options. When using free public WiFi, it is safest to use an encryption or VPN app to make sure that your data isn’t being snooped
If you have a data plan on your phone, you can opt to use that when you are in port. But before you use your data plan, check with your service provider to determine the cost and plan options. Your phone data plan can also be used when you are close enough to land to have a signal and that can allow you to connect laptops and other devices as well.
And as a final resort, for just basic Internet usage, many ships offer use of a computer with Internet capabilities in the library or in the business center. This is a good way to check email or to check on reservations you might have made at one of your future ports of call. If you are having issues with the WiFi package that you purchased or questions about access, most ships have a dedicated person or even a small IT staff who are able to assist you with Internet-related issues.

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