Dealing With Motion Sickness on a Cruise

If you find that you are having issues with motion sickness while on your cruise, there are a number of things that you can do to find some relief. There are medications that can help you cope with more drastic levels of motion sickness and most crew members can tell you where on the ship you can purchase these medications. But they are likely to make you sleepy and might not be your best choice if your reaction is mild or you are just entering a bit of rough weather that will subside shortly.
One surprising way to deal with motion sickness is to get into the swimming pool. The cool water will help you to feel better and relax, as well as eliminating the motion issue. You will be feeling the movement of the pool water rather than the motion of the entire ship moving with the waves. Other natural remedies which are offered on almost every ship for free are green apples and saltine crackers. Another common cure for motion sickness and other stomach issues is ginger ale.
If you are concerned about motion sickness before your cruise, then making the extra effort when booking your cabin could be a wise choice. The cabins that are located at the mid-point of the ship and on the lower levels are the best choice to avoid motion sickness. The reason is that the center of the ship does not move as violently as the far ends of the ship when the seas are rough. In addition, the lower portion of the ship remains in the water and transfers less motion as well. So requesting that specific area will lessen the likelihood of motion sickness while you are in your cabin. It has also been found that keeping your cabin cooler will help to lessen the impact of motion sickness.
If you find yourself getting slightly motion sick while out on the deck, try to focus on the horizon and not anything on the ship or the water near the ship. Focusing on the horizon will provide a stable point to concentrate on and will help your body to adjust to the motion of the ship.
If you are unsure about how to treat motion sickness or have any concerns about the condition while on your cruise, all ships have a medical center where you can seek advice and also in some cases free medication for motion sickness.

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