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Cheap Alaska Cruises

Cruises to Alaska are extremely popular, as are cheap cruises, so it comes as no surprise that cheap Alaska cruises (or, if we're to be perfectly grammatical, cheap Alaskan cruises) are in high demand. Fortunately, cheap cruises to Alaska are not particularly hard to come by. Indeed, since there are so many Alaskan cruises each year, finding a cheap cruise to Alaska is actually one of the easier cruise deals to secure. Below we'll explain the basics of finding a cheap cruise to Alaska, covering general advice about finding cheap cruises and how this advice specifically relates to Alaskan cruises. Read more [...]

Alaska Marine Highway System

Plenty has been written about cruises to Alaska. Alaskan cruises are, after all, one of the most popular cruise vacations available, and all of the major cruise lines (and many of the smaller ones) offer them throughout the year. But these types of cruises - the ones offered by cruise lines that most people mean by the words "Alaskan cruises" - are leisure cruises, taken almost exclusively for vacations. However, there is another type of cruise in Alaska (if it can even be called a cruise) that is run by the Alaska Marine Highway System, operated by the government of the state of Alaska. Being a governmental service, the Alaska Marine Highway System serves a utilitarian function - they do not offer cruises for pleasure, but rather cruises for pure transportation purposes. It's a highly unique system that really only makes sense in a state like Alaska, and since it is so unique, we thought our readers (cruise enthusiasts that they are) would like to know a bit about it. So, that said, what is the Alaska Marine Highway System? Read more [...]

How to Book a River Cruise in Alaska

As a follow-up article to our recent overview of Alaskan river cruises, we thought it might be helpful to shed some light on how to book a river cruise in Alaska. If you are interested in booking one of these cruises, you might be wondering if there is anything special about booking an Alaskan river cruise, or if it is basically like booking any other cruise. The answer to this question, like so many others, is "yes and no," and it is the aim of this article to explain why. Read more [...]

River Cruises in Alaska

On a number of occasions, we've written about Alaskan cruises (i.e., cruises to Alaska). We've written about the cruise lines that offer Alaskan cruises, why people take Alaskan cruises, how to book an Alaskan cruise, and a few other dimensions of vacations to this ever-popular cruise destination. We have not, however, covered river cruises in Alaska in any depth. What exactly is a river cruise in Alaska? What different types of Alaskan river cruises are out there? Does it even makes sense to call it an Alaskan river cruise? We answer these and similar questions about river cruises in Alaska below. Read more [...]

How to Take a Cruise to Alaska

Cruises to Alaska are among the most popular cruise vacations. Alaskan cruises allow passengers to see the pristine beauty of the largest state in the United States, and, as is the case with a cruise to any other part of the world, the experience of cruising to Alaska is itself enjoyable (although for different reasons than, say, a trip to the Caribbean - there isn't much pool-side lounging on a trip to Alaska). We have previously written about Alaskan cruises and why people take them, and we have also covered some of the many different cruise lines that offer trips to Alaska. What we haven't covered is how you go about taking a cruise to Alaska; in other words, we haven't explained the actual mechanics of booking a cruise to Alaska, which is the subject of this article. Read more [...]

Whale Watching Cruises: Where Can You Go?

Recently, we wrote about whale watching cruises and why you might want to take a whale watching cruise. In the article we painted with broad strokes, covering only the general features of cruises that center on observing whales. We did not, for example, explain in much detail where you might actually go on a whale watching cruise, and so this article will address this issue specifically. Read more [...]