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Regal Princess

Regal Princess

Have you heard about the cruise ship with the glass-bottom, over-the-ocean-hanging SeaWalk attraction? The attraction that USA Today called one of the “Top Gee-Whiz Features at Sea?” Its on the Regal Princess, a Princess Cruises ship that offers many exciting and innovative features in addition to SeaWalk. Want to hear more? Here’s the scoop on Regal Princess. Read more [...]
Silversea Discoverer

Silversea Discoverer

Exploring cruises to the remote Alaskan and Canadian archipelagos? Consider cruising to these amazing locales on Silversea Discoverer. Silversea Discoverer is an intimate 120-guest cruise ship that transports travelers over the wondrous and vast Pacific to some of the planet’s most gorgeous islands. She’s an ideal ship for viewing beautiful, untamed landscapes and for wildlife sightings like breaching whales and pods of dolphins. Think you’d like to journey on gorgeous waters, and to isolated shores, with Silversea Discoverer? Read more about Discoverer to see if her expeditions are calling to you. Read more [...]
whale watching cruises

Whale Watching Cruises in Alaska: A Guide

Given its enormous shoreline and the pristine waters off its coast, Alaska is a natural place for whale watching. If you are near the coast and some sign of civilization, there is a decent chance that a company nearby is operating whale watching cruises. However, Alaska is a massive state whose shoreline is exposed to a vast swath of the Pacific Ocean, so it is hard to keep track of all the whale watching opportunities in the state. A search for "whale watching cruises in Alaska" will bring up a crippling flood of information. For this reason, we thought it would be helpful to organize some of the basics about whale watching in Alaska in one brief article, covering what whales you can see and some of the general places you can whale watch. Read more [...]

How to Book Repositioning Cruises

Repositioning cruises are, as implied, cruises that reposition ships from one region of the globe to another. Cruise ships need to be relocated to fit the demands of the cruising seasons, and it is an added bonus that a cruise line can charge passengers to come along for the relocation. This much was covered in our article on the basics of repositioning cruises, which are also called "repo cruises" and "transitional cruises." We also covered the discounts available for repositioning cruises, as well as explained the type of people who can take one of these unique vacations. But this still leaves a gap in our coverage: how can you actually book a repositioning cruise? You might know that you want to and can take a repositioning cruise, and you might even know which type you want to take, but still not know exactly how to book one. As a consequence, we have explained below how to book a repositioning cruise. Read more [...]

Repositioning Cruises: Which Cruise Lines Offer Them?

Repositioning cruises serve a crucial function in the global cruise industry, but they are often overlooked. This is at least partially understandable, given that only certain people can realistically take repositioning cruises, and also that cruise lines often don't explicitly advertise these voyages as "repositioning cruises." This latter point is important, as it can cause people to operate on the mistaken assumption that not many cruise lines actually offer repositioning cruises. In fact, almost all the major cruise lines, and a number of smaller cruise lines as well, operate repositioning cruises. They have to relocate their ships somehow, and they may as well transport their vessels with lots of paying customers on board. Read more [...]

Repositioning Cruises: What Kinds of Discounts and Deals are Available?

Having explained the basics of repositioning cruises and described the sort of people who can take transitional cruises (as repositioning cruises are sometimes known), we figured we should now delve into the specific types of cruises you can take. After all, even if you gathered that you like the idea of repositioning cruises and have determined you are able to take one after reading these first two articles, this still doesn't tell you much about what possibilities actually await you when you start looking into taking a repositioning cruise. Where and when exactly can you take a repositioning cruise? What kinds of deals or discounts can you get by taking a repositioning cruise? To these and similar questions we now turn our attention. Read more [...]