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The Titanic

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, we wrote a series of articles all about the Titanic. We focused on Titanic the ship, as opposed to, say, Titanic the movie or the adjective "titanic" (although we did milk puns related to the latter for all they were worth - our apologies). We covered every angle we could think of about the Titanic, writing articles on the major areas that Titanic aficionados are interested in, like the Titanic sinking, the history of the Titanic, and the Titanic passengers, and we also covered some of the more auxiliary topics related to the ship, like Titanic museums and the Titanic II, a replica of the original vessel that will be a fully operational cruise ship. In this article, we wanted to provide a recap of our coverage and link to all the articles we've been busy writing all about the Titanic. If we are all about cruises in general, we've been all about the Titanic over the last few weeks. Read more [...]

The Titanic Replica: Titanic 2

The Titanic is probably the most famous passenger liner in history. What cruise ship has attracted more attention and interest than the Titanic? Books have been written, movies have been produced, and museums have been built to feed our appetite for all things Titanic. And so it was not entirely surprising to learn that there is a Titanic replica - i.e., an actual ship built to sail that also happens to be a replica of the Titanic - in the works. The Titanic replica, which is technically called Titanic II or Titanic 2, is being financed by Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire. The Titanic replica will actually be a near Titanic replica, as the original ship cannot be exactly reproduced for a number of reasons, not the least of which relate to safety. What will the Titanic replica be like, and how similar will it be to the original Titanic? Read more [...]

Titanic Conspiracy Theories

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the great tragedies of history, so, naturally, there is a Titanic conspiracy. Rather, there are Titanic conspiracies, as multiple conspiracy theories have been put forward to "explain" the Titanic sinking. Some of these Titanic conspiracies are truly unbelievable (in the literal sense of the term), like that the sinking of the Titanic was the result of a "cursed mummy" being snuck on board the ship, whereas other Titanic conspiracy theories, in spite of being conspiracy theories, are admirably coherent (which is to say they make very limited, non-extraordinary claims, like that that the Titanic actually ran into pack ice, not an iceberg). We'll cover what seem to us to be the three main Titanic conspiracy theories, covering two that don't seem that outrageous, and then concluding with one that seems outlandish. Read more [...]

The Titanic Museum

Like most things of historical interest, there is a museum for the Titanic, or rather there are Titanic museums, as there are actually several. (There are also a number of Titanic exhibits in more general museums.) If there is room in this world for a SPAM museum and a funeral history museum, then there is definitely room for multiple museums about the Titanic. Although there are several, one Titanic museum in particular draws the most attention. Appropriately, it is located in Belfast, the city in which the Titanic was constructed. Its name is technically Titanic Belfast, but many people simply know it as the Titanic museum. It bills itself as "the world's largest Titanic visitor experience," and it is quite a site to behold. Read more [...]

The Titanic Cruise

That the massive Titanic boat (which, as we never fail to point out, is actually a "titanic boat" in two senses) collided with an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, leading to the sinking of the Titanic and the deaths of over 1,500 people, is well known and much discussed. When people consider the Titanic, they tend to think of only the Titanic boat itself falling apart at sea and then sinking to the bottom of the ocean. This is the ship's primary legacy. But it is important to keep in mind that the Titanic boat was a massive and luxurious cruise ship, not entirely unlike the cruise ships that exist today, and that got us thinking about what a Titanic cruise would have been like. How would, say, a Carnival cruise compare with a Titanic cruise? How similar is the Titanic cruise ship, if it even makes sense to call it the "Titanic cruise ship," to modern-day cruise ships? Basically, would a Titanic cruise be comparable to a standard cruise vacation one might take today - if so, to what extent? - and did the Titanic boat have accommodations similar to cruise ships that are currently operating? Read more [...]

The Titanic Location

Where is the Titanic location? Well, that depends on what is meant by "Titanic location," but there are at least four places of importance associated with the Titanic, all of which are the UK, the US, or, of course, somewhere in between (namely, the Atlantic Ocean). So, in this article, we will answer the following four questions: Where was the Titanic built? Where did the Titanic set sail from? Where did the Titanic sink, and by extension, where is it now? And finally, to what location was the Titanic sailing? These are all important Titanic locations, although the first and the third strike as particularly significant. Those are, as it were, the main Titanic locations. Read more [...]
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