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Celebrate Special Occasions in Style On Board Your Cruise

Cruising is a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or other meaningful event. But did you know you could make that occasion extra special? Cruise lines offer special celebration packages for you to surprise your loved one with!

Celebration Add-Ons

Imagine your mom’s surprise when your family gathers in her stateroom after dinner one night, and she finds a birthday cake on the table, with shiny, colorful party decorations around the room. Or the looks on your children’s faces when you arrive at your stateroom on your family’s very first cruise, and they see a brightly decorated and welcoming door. Customizing your cruise ship experience with a special occasion package or add-on can make a memorable event even more meaningful.

The larger cruise lines offer several types of celebration packages. Typically, passengers make arrangements in advance, usually through the cruise company’s website, although the customer service representatives at the cruise line’s toll-free number may also be able to help. In many cases, last-minute arrangements are possible, too; speak to your stateroom attendant for details. You may be able to choose the day and time your party plans are rolled out or you’ll be booked into an available time slot.

Pick Your Party

While each cruise may offer a slightly different number or variety of celebration packages, here are some of the most common:

Stateroom Door Decorations – These are magnetic, themed pictures that stick to the outside of the stateroom door. They may include the words ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations’, along with pictures of cakes, confetti, and balloons. Think of it like decorating the front porch of your home away from home.
Stateroom Decorations – Step it up a notch and let your stateroom attendants add streamers, balloons, and paper decorations inside your cabin.
Special Treats – Go all out for that milestone anniversary or honeymoon! Surprise your loved one with a cake, champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries or wine and cheese plate. These small party plans also usually include any necessary extras, like plates, cups, silverware, etc.

Know Before You Go

Placing your order in advance can help ensure that your request can be filled. Celebration packages often have a gratuity added on automatically. And don’t be surprised when that cake arrives without candles – fire is a real and serious concern for cruise ships, so no open flames in staterooms, even birthday candles.

Need a More Low-Key Celebration?

If you’d prefer a subtle acknowledgement of your special occasion or milestone, speak to the maitre’d in you dining room. He or she may be able to arrange a special dessert presentation after dinner one evening. What’s important to remember is that cruise ships offer a lot of options and flexibility for folks who want to mark a special occasion while aboard.

Celebrate Special Occasions in Style On Board Your Cruise
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Celebrate Special Occasions in Style On Board Your Cruise
Cruises are great places to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Find out what kind of celebration you can add to your on-board experience.

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