Celebrity Cruises

Founded in 1988, Celebrity Cruises, sometimes called “Celebrity Cruise Line,” is a cruise line that is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which is one of the largest cruise ship operators in the world, second only to Carnival Corporation. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Celebrity Cruises offers many amenities and activities on their cruise ships, which are part of a broad program called “CelebrityLife.” The amenities and activities covered by CelebrityLife are broken into four main categories: Taste, Learn, Revive, and Play.

“Taste” refers to the dining and drinking options available to the passengers of Celebrity Cruises. The cruise line has 10 world-class restaurants on-board, and there are options for both causal and formal dining. In addition, Celebrity Cruises has several unique features to their cruise line, such as a cooking competition that passengers can watch, as well as an educational workshop that is designed to teach “The Art of Wine and Food Pairing.” Celebrity Cruises also offers classes on mixology (i.e., how to mix drinks), as well as a general wine appreciation class.

The “Learn” component of CelebrityLife involves several activities that are designed to stimulate the intellect and satisfy passengers’ curiosity. For example, the cruise line offers lessons for different styles of dance and has a class that is specifically designed to help you organize and perfect your vacation photos using Apple products. Rosetta Stone language-learning software is also made available for passengers who want to expand their linguistic horizons while at sea.

“Revive” ranges over the exercise and wellness programs offered on-board Celebrity Cruises. There are cycling and yoga classes offered, as are health-oriented seminars that cover topics like acupuncture and the human metabolism.

“Play” is the fourth and final aspect of the CelebrityLife program. Not surprisingly, “Play” refers to the many “fun activities” offered on-board. Karaoke, trivia contests, and interactive videogames are available to passengers who enjoy competition, and there are also casinos on-board that offer games like blackjack and poker. Other activities include sports tournaments and aquatic games like pool volleyball.

Celebrity Cruises offers voyages that travel all over the world, so all of these activities detailed so far can be engaged in while sailing to the far corners of the globe. There are cruises that sail to Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and everywhere in between. What’s more, there are multiple cruises itineraries associated with the different destinations – some are only a few days, others take multiple weeks – so you’ll almost certainly be able to find a cruise that fits your particular desires.

If you would like to learn more about Celebrity Cruises and the many different vacations they offer, visit the cruise line’s website here.

Celebrity Cruises

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