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Not to be confused with cruise reviews, cruise feedback is a bit less structured, and a lot more personal than cruise reviews. Cruise reviews are an excellent tool for first-time cruisers, and like testimonials, feedback tends to capture exactly how the person feels, at the exact moment he or she is providing the feedback. Do you remember the last time you filled out a comment card? The experience you wrote about was probably fresh in your mind, and chances are you didn’t hold anything back. This is the beauty of feedback.

Feedback can be defined as comments in the form of opinions about and reactions to something, intended to provide useful information for future decisions and development. Just about every cruise line has a means to collect feedback from passengers, and Celebrity Cruise lines is no exception. In addition to feedback obtained from passengers by the cruise line, there are numerous blogs and websites offering Celebrity Cruises feedback as well.

Here’s a bit of background on Celebrity Cruises. Condé Nast Traveler consistently rates Celebrity Cruises as one of the world’s finest cruise lines, with top-rated cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Panama Canal, and more. With ports everywhere from Auckland, New Zealand to Valparaiso, Chile, Celebrity Cruises also offers some of the most exciting destinations in the world in the business. Does Celebrity Cruises live up to the hype? According to most of the Celebrity Cruises feedback, the answer is yes!

One of the first places to check out for Celebrity Cruises feedback is Cruisecritic.com. It takes two seconds to register to access (and post) to the message boards. Here you can find tons of information and opinions about Celebrity Cruises. Additionally, at Cruisecritic.com you can find professional reviews, and less informal member reviews. Another great source for Celebrity Cruises feedback is Epinions.com. The site features dozens of reviews, opinions, and stories about experiences with Celebrity Cruises. Thirsty for more feedback? Check out Travel.com. Travel.com features free forums that offer tons of feedback on everything travel-related, including cruises. The Celebrity Cruise Travel Forum is a great place to a little detective work on this popular cruise line.

And finally, read about Celebrity Cruises at Buzzle.com. Here, you will find informal, feature length reviews about Celebrity Cruises.

Other places to search for Celebrity Cruises feedback include:

Cruisemates.com offers short reviews and ratings. The two types of ratings include: star ratings and value ratings. Star ratings are based on one question — “how good is this ship?” One star is the worst, five stars is the best. Cruisemates.com takes everything from age and accommodations to food, service, and entertainment into account when rating the worlds cruise ships. Value ratings or “thumbs up” ratings are all about the “Bang for your Buck.” Five thumbs up means the ship is an excellent value while one thumb up means you won’t find much of anything that resembles a value here.

Reviews, ratings, rankings, and popularity contests — at Cruisereviewsonline.com find out which cruise ships are at the top and which ones are not. Get other information on cruise lines, as well as information, ratings and rankings on embarkation ports, and ports-of-call.

Cruisereport.com offers the lowdown on cruise lines from A to Z. Unbiased reviews, cruise searches, quotes, and feature articles are just a few of the sites extras. You can also search for “the perfect cruise,” and browse through news pieces about cruising. After checking out their ratings and reviews, you can also search for discounts and deals. With more than 50,000 visitors per month, Cruisereport.com has information on roughly 8,500 current sailings.

Cruisedirectonline.com relies on reader surveys to help keeps reviews & ratings in check. In addition to cruise ship reviews and ratings, visitors to the site will find top ten and top thirty lists, as well as feature articles about the best of the best in the world of cruises. The site has other information about discounts, as well as information on roughly 12,000 sailings. Cruise Direct Online has been featured in Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine, and on MSNBC, CNBC, MSN Money, and more.

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