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The Disney Fantasy is one of the most popular cruise ships booked via Costco Travel. Its frequent seven-day trips to the Western Caribbean are, in fact, one of the four Costco top-selling cruises. The Disney Fantasy is also a new ship that has been highly rated by Costco members who have sailed with the vessel, so we figured the ship deserved its own article. Below we give an overview of the Disney Fantasy, as well as explain how to book a cruise with the Fantasy using Costco Travel.

The Disney Fantasy is the newest member of the Disney Cruise Line, joining the fleet in 2012, one year after her sister ship, the Disney Dream. The Dream and the Fantasy are about 40 percent larger than the other two ships in Disney’s fleet, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, which entered service in 1998 and 1999, respectively. When there are two people per statement room – i.e., when the ship is at double occupancy – the vessel can hold 2,500 people, but its maximum passenger capacity is much larger, over 4,000. Even by cruise ship standards, this is large, although it doesn’t even crack the top 20 largest cruise ships in the world. Regardless of its size or the year it was built, the ship has proven popular among Costco members, who as of this writing have given the ship an average of 4.6 stars out of five. The statistics of the ships and its various features are exhaustively covered on the Disney Cruise Line page for the Disney Fantasy, so we recommend checking that out if you want to learn more about the ship itself. We are more concerned with how the Disney Fantasy fits within Costco Travel, so we’ll shift our attention there.

As we said, one of the top-selling Costco cruises takes place on the Disney Fantasy, and if you are interested in booking this cruise in particular, you can visit the page Costco has set aside for the Fantasy’s top-selling itinerary and begin the online booking process there. This seven-night cruise begins in Port Canaveral, and then sails to Cozumel, George Town, Falmouth, and Castaway Cay before returning to the port of departure. This top-selling cruise, however, is one of only two itineraries offered by the Disney Fantasy, so it is just as easy to use the regular search tool on the Costco Travel site. To do this, visit the Costco Cruises site and fill in the relevant information in the fields on the search tool. In this case, you’ll only want to select the month in which you want to depart and pick Disney as your cruise line (obviously). This will generate results for all Disney cruises, but you are able to filter your results to only show those that take place on the Disney Fantasy. When you do this, you’ll see not only the top-selling cruise, but also another seven-day cruise to the Caribbean. This cruise also departs from Port Canaveral, but sails east, visiting Saint Maarten, San Juan, and Castaway Cay before returning to Florida. Thus, Costco allows you to see all the cruises offered on the Disney Fantasy by using the search tool and filter, and this is the easiest way to book a trip on this precise ship.

So, to sum everything up, the Disney Fantasy is a big, new, and well-regarded ship, and it offers two popular cruises to the Caribbean (one of which is a top-seller). These cruises are easy to find and book using the search tool because you are able to filter your results by ship. If you are interested in booking through Costco, you might also consider reading our guide and overview of Costco cruises. You’ll know about the Disney Fantasy specifically, as well as the general Costco Travel enterprise.

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