Costco Cruises with Norwegian Getaway

Cruises aboard the Norwegian Getaway, seven-day journeys to the eastern Caribbean that happen every week, are one of Costco’s top-selling cruises. The Norwegian Getaway is part of the newest class of ships of Norwegian Cruise Line – the Breakaway Class – and is in fact the most recent ship to join the NCL fleet. (Its sister ship, the similarly named Norwegian Breakaway, entered service for Norwegian one year earlier, in 2013.) Despite the limited duration of its existence, it has proven quite popular with, and is highly rated by, Costco members, so below we provide an overview of the Costco cruises on the Norwegian Getaway, as well as explain how to book them.

There is only one cruise available on the Norwegian Getaway: a week-long sailing that covers one area of the Eastern Caribbean, as stated above. The cruise begins in Miami, the busiest cruise port in the world, and then spends two days at sea before arriving in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, a constituent country of the Netherlands. Thereafter, the Getaway sails to Saint Thomas, of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and then spends one day at sea before arriving in the Bahamas (in Nassau). After its Bahamanian stop, the ship returns to Miami and then repeats the cycle all over again, setting sail the same day it arrives back to port. (This is one reason why cruises are often a week long; they can be offered one after another, nicely fitting into a cruise line’s schedule.)

If you want to book a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway, your choices are of course limited and quite straightforward. The only decision you have to make, and the only decision you can make, concerns the departure date of your cruise. Like any other Costco cruise, you can book a sailing on the Norwegian Getaway through the search tool on the Costco Travel website. You’ll list Norwegian as your desired cruise line and select a departure month, which will generate dozens of search results, most of which don’t involve the Norwegian Getaway specifically. However, you are able to filter your results after searching by cruise ship, allowing you to see only cruises on the Norwegian Getaway. Since it is a top-selling cruise, there is also a page specifically dedicated to the Norwegian Getaway, which lists the dates on which the Getaway sails for the next several months. Thus, there are two ways to book a Norwegian Getaway cruise online, and they are both extremely simple.

So, to briefly recap, the Norwegian Getaway sails to the Eastern Caribbean every week, and since this is the only itinerary, they are particularly easy to book. You don’t have to research various vacation possibilities or agonize over choices. Obviously, this leaves you with fewer options, but at least it makes the booking process simple.

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