Cruise News

In simple terms, cruise news is any new information about specific or current events related to cruises. Cruise news may be reported in newspapers, in news magazines, on television, through radio programs or on various web sites.

There are literally hundreds of web sites available today offering the latest cruise news for passengers and industry professionals alike. Some of the most comprehensive cruise news web sites will highlight several significant categories relating to cruises as well as advice and interactive tools to help visitors research or plan a cruise. One of the most well respected cruise news/ratings web sites available today is

Much like other comprehensive cruise news websites, features dozens of recent headlines relating to cruise ships and cruise lines with stories covering areas such as the business aspects of cruise lines, specific incidents that occur aboard a ship or even reports about major upgrades to a ship.

In addition to delivering major headlines relating to cruises or cruise lines, a top-notch cruise news web site will also offer extensive archives, message boards, ship reviews, planning tools or links to other reputable sites that can help visitors plan a cruise, information about destinations, the latest information about laws relating to cruising and cruise line profiles, to name a few.

Many cruise news sites may also feature a cruise database or regular features. For example, not only does offer up-to-the minute cruise news and an interactive cruise planner, the site also features a cruise database of more than 11,000 cruise itineraries and over 500 ship profiles. Sites like will offer regular features covering categories such as family or singles cruising and consumer affairs.

Other major attractions to some of the most highly respected cruise news sites is the availability of chatrooms, polls, bargain finders and for some, useful advice about cruising. Advice about cruising typically covers the basic facts of cruising, “know before you go,� how to choose a travel agent, information about what happens aboard the ship, “best of� articles and information and advice about specific theme cruises such as gay/lesbian cruising or cruising with kids.

While most cruise news online is delivered in the form of text, that doesn’t necessarily mean cruise news is limited to text only. Some cruise news web sites also feature extensive photo galleries and cruise news reports or advice segments via video.

Most cruise news websites will offer a weekly or monthly newsletter. To receive newsletters, access cruise news message boards or participate in cruise chats, all you have to do is sign up using your name and email address—and it’s free! For access to regular news articles and features, a membership is typically not necessary. Users can simply log on to the web site to start reading through the latest cruise news headlines.

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