Cruises to Alaska and the Cruise Lines that Offer Them

In a previous post, we discussed some of the reasons you may want to take a cruise to Alaska. Alaskan cruises offer a front-seat view to some of nature’s finest scenery, but a cruise to Alaska might be undertaken for more mundane reasons, like the time you have available for a cruise. We did not, however, look at any of the specific cruises that go to Alaska, nor did we look at the cruise lines that offer Alaskan cruises. It is in this post that we address this topic, explaining some of the Alaskan cruises offered by cruise lines.

The major cruise lines offer cruises to Alaska, just as they offer cruises to other places of the world. Look no further than a few of the cruise lines owned by the largest cruise ship operator in the world Carnival Corporation. For example, Holland America Line, which is owned by Carnival Cruise, offers several cruise vacations to Alaska. There are currently four different voyages to Alaska offered by Holland America Line, each of which offers a different itinerary that emphasizes different aspects of the Alaskan cruise experience.

Princess Cruises, also owned by Carnival Corporation, offers many cruises to Alaska as well. For example, Princess Cruises offers a popular seven-day “Glaciers Cruise,” which, as the name implies, focuses on exploring Alaska’s vast glaciers, like those in Glacier Bay National Park.

Of course, the cruise lines owned by Carnival Corporation are by no means the only cruise lines that offer voyages to Alaska. The cruise lines owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the second largest cruise ship operator in the world, have many Alaskan cruise vacations available. For example, Royal Caribbean International is currently offering ten separate cruise vacations to Alaska, each of which is a week long. The various voyages visit different ports and vary in price. Celebrity Cruises, also owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., lists several Alaskan cruises on their website. Some are rather lengthy, lasting over 10 days, while others are shorter and last around a week.

As you can see, Alaskan cruises are quite popular, with a number of different cruise lines offering a number of different cruise vacations to Alaska. It can be hard to keep track of them all, as the many cruises to Alaska are spread across multiple cruise line websites, but fortunately there are sites like, which lists the cruise lines that offer Alaskan cruises.

The bottom line is that there is no shortage of Alaskan cruises. Each cruise line has a different style that will appeal to different people, so if you are thinking about sailing to Alaska, it’s good to explore multiple cruise lines and the Alaskan cruises they offer.

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