Eco-Friendly Cruises with Discovery Voyages

Do you love cruising but hate how journeying by ship tends to be harsh on the environment? Why not seek out cruise companies that are doing great things to sail gently on the planet? Discovery Voyages offers eco-friendly cruise options that will take you to stunning places around the world, and help you leave little impact while you’re getting there. The company is keen on protecting the environment and showing travelers how to enjoy it responsibly. The cruise line is an active voice for the earth and it asks cruisers to be one too.

Discover the Alaskan Wilderness With Eco-Friendly Cruises

Discovery Voyages gives cruise ship travelers a way to respectfully and sensitively sail to beautiful lands. It brings its guests on intimate encounters in Alaska, usually far from the typical crowds of tourists, and it presents genuine experiences that show that there’s beauty in peacefully and passively viewing nature.

Discovery Voyages recently received an Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) Gold Certificate for meeting the highest economic, environmental sustainability, and social standards as stated by the Alaska Wilderness Recreation & Tourism Association. Only three businesses were able to meet these requirements in 2009, when Discovery Voyages took the honor. Discovery Voyages has been able to keep its Certificate at the Gold Level ever since.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Take a cruise with Discovery Voyages and offset your carbon footprint. Discovery Voyages’ unique carbon offset program (managed by Native Energy) allows guests, and the cruise line, to be essentially energy independent while sailing. Zero-emission cruising is an exciting reality with Discovery Voyages, as efforts in addition to Native Energy solutions mean that eco-friendly adventures can be had by thousands of travelers.

Discovery Voyages helps fund wind, solar, farm methane, and other sustainable energy projects to keep it’s footprint low and help the planet. The cruise company calls on passengers to support the Iowa Wind Project, in particular, which reduces about 8,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

To learn more about sustainable cruising to Alaska, and to see exciting cruise opportunities for 2016, visit the Discovery Voyages website.

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