Sustainable Cruising with AdventureSmith Explorations

Many people like to look for sustainable cruising options, since traveling by ship is not one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get from one place to another. If walking – and floating – gently on the earth is important to you, consider taking your next voyage with AdventureSmith Explorations – an eco-friendly cruise line.

Green and Great Small-Ship Adventures

AdventureSmith Explorations runs a fleet of small, stunning ships that take passengers on unique wilderness adventures and expedition cruises. These discoveries at sea range from moderate to deluxe, depending on the journey, but all of them are easy on the environment (even the long and luxurious cruises).

AdventureSmith Explorations’ mission as a cruise company is to “give something back to the individuals, communities, and environments encountered on every AdventureSmith Explorations trip.” The cruise line does this by offering trips that are meaningful, both to travelers and to the people that they visit. AdventureSmith believes that when we can connect with a place, and a culture, we’re more likely to try to advocate for its protection.

Carbon-Free Cruising

In 2005, AdventureSmith Explorations introduced the cruise industry’s first Carbon-Free Cruising program, which offsets carbon created as a result of the company’s cruises. In 2010, the cruise line partnered with Trees for the Future, in order to plant trees for each land-based trip it took passengers on.


AdventureSmith Explorations prefers small yachts and ships for sailing, it partners with locals whenever possible to provide customer services, and it practices a strict “no trace and sustainable operating” policy. Before every cruise, AdventureSmith Explorations introduces its cruisers to a network of grassroots, and global non-profit partners, so that they can make powerful connections prior to sailing if they like.

To learn more about AdventureSmith Explorations’ sustainable cruising policies and practices, and to find individual cruises that will suit your conservation and exploration needs, visit the AdventureSmith Explorations website.

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