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Gadgets To Make Your Next Cruise Perfect

A big part of the attraction of cruising is that you are at sea and experiencing a whole new world with few similarities to everyday life. But along with all of the new activities and environments comes a few new challenges. Learning about a few gadgets that seasoned cruisers include on every trip can turn a pretty good cruise vacation into the trip of a lifetime.

The Lanyard

Most people are thrilled to head out on vacation and try to forget completely about work, and that includes carrying around your ID and access card. But your ID card is just as important when you are on a cruise ship. And in fact, it could be more important as the card now unlocks all of the fun and adventure of the cruise ship. So be sure that you pack a lanyard and card holder for each member of your travel party. Having your keycard around your neck not only leaves your hands free for carrying a drink, pool towel or good book but it also helps to avoid retracing your steps to discover where you laid your card down.

Waterproof Phone Cover

These handy clear waterproof bags allow you to use your touchscreen phone in wet conditions without the worry of ruining a $1000 piece of technology and also your connection to the world. The waterproof covers are offered in many colors, styles, and sizes and some are even designed to protect a few additional items with your phone. Also, be sure to check for a loop or D-ring that will allow you to attach this case to your all-important ID lanyard for hands-free fun while enjoying your cruise.

A Must At The Pool

One of the greatest devices for anyone who loves the pool area on a cruise is the portable lock box. This small case locks onto a lounge chair and can hold your phone, expensive glasses, ID, and even a small wallet while you enjoy the pool without trying to “watch” your stuff. The unit can also be used in your cabin by locking it to the bar in your closet to hold valuables including your passport, jewelry or cash while you are out exploring all that your cruise ship has to offer.

Adding just a few small items to your next packing list can solve many issues for new or even experienced cruise patrons. And for the small investment that you will make, the added security and peace of mind will make every cruise more relaxing and enjoyable.

Gadgets To Make Your Next Cruise Perfect
Article Name
Gadgets To Make Your Next Cruise Perfect
Learning about a few gadgets that seasoned cruisers include on every trip can turn a pretty good cruise vacation into the trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Vienda Bynum

    Dear Royal Caribbean,

    I was a passenger on a recent cruise and the ship was named “BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS”. I booked a cruise from Tampa, Fla to Cozumel, Mexico for 5 days (Dec 20-24) and because of bad weather the ship was rerouted from Tampa to Freeport, Bahama. I was not offered any compensation of any kind. I have been to Freeport on three (3) different occasions. I didn’t want to go there again. I am very disappointed, I paid to go to Mexico not the Bahamas. I live in St Petersburg, Fla and I can go the Bahamas at anytime. The money I spent to go to Cozumel I could have gone to Freeport three (3).

    I will say this about the service on the ship, it was the best I have had on any cruise ship. The Crew is Class “A”. But I was not pleased with my destination. It took three (3) days to leave Tampa and arrived in Freeport. From Miami to Freeport it only take a few hours. If this is the way you treat your customers I know I will not use your services again. Now I have to rebook myself a trip to Cozumel because I never got there. I will not use your cruise line because I may end up some where I don’t want.

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