Understanding Oceania Cruise Lines O Life Difference

There are many cruise lines for travelers to choose from and each one has its own tagline to imply that it offers far more than all of the competitors. But when it comes to the Oceania Cruise Line, the O Life Difference is rather impressive. These ships offer an intimate setting with the maximum capacity of 684 on the smallest vessel to 1,250 on the largest. But on all of the ships, the passenger to crew member ratio is less than 2 to 1.

The Dining
The Oceania line is known for having some of the finest dining on the water. Their meals are inspired by the legendary Master Chef Jacques Pepin and will rival any Michelin-starred establishment on land. Each ship offers multiple open-seating restaurants for guests to choose from and there is never an extra charge. Everything from local cuisine to steak, chops, and seafood can be found in addition to gourmet Italian and French country. Vintage wine and food pairings are also an option for the foodies who also have a flair for fine wine.

The Service
Having a great staff to guest ratio is only a part of what sets the Oceania service apart from all of the rest. The majority of the dining and galley staff have been selected from internationally acclaimed restaurants and carry distinguished credentials. Butlers on the Oceania Line are formally trained members of the Guild of Professional English Butlers and are dedicated to meeting and exceeding each guest’s expectations.

The Value
With the high caliber of service in the Oceania vessels, you might be expecting to be charged extra for each little feature or service but that is far from the case. In many ports of call free shuttle service is offered as well as free shore excursions and activities. On the ships, guests enjoy free cappuccino, espresso, tea, juice, bottled water, and soft drinks as well as free 24 hour a day room service. And a favorite of most travelers is the free Internet. But the biggest value is the current 2 for 1 pricing being offered by Oceania. And the O Life upgrade allows passengers to include airfare and select one of the following free bonuses:
• 6 shore excursions
• A beverage package
• $600 shipboard credit

For travelers who are looking for luxury and top of the line service, Oceania and the O Life are a true luxury experience. And with the bonus deals and 2 for 1 fare, this outstanding service is a real value.
For more information about the O Life, and to book a cruise with Oceania, go here: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/

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