Great 2022 Royal Caribbean Cruise Itineraries

The 2022 cruise season is just around the corner. As always, Royal Caribbean has a wealth of exciting options. The future of cruise travel is uncertain right now, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no point in booking a trip for next year. Having a vacation on your calendar will keep you looking forward to 2022. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a longer excursion, Royal’s got your back. Here are three of our favorite itineraries from their 2022 schedule.

Best of Western Europe Cruise

If you’re gonna plan a cruise, you may as well get in as much sightseeing as possible. Over the span of nine nights, this itinerary takes travelers on a tour of western Europe, visiting multiple countries in the process. It begins in Spain before going to the United Kingdom, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Travelers from outside of Europe will need to book plane tickets, of course, but the total price still won’t be too much, as the cruise itself checks in at just $635 for all nine nights. It departs on April 15th; check out the details here.

The 2-Night Perfect Getaway Cruise

While this is an itinerary that stands on its own aside from the price, the main selling point here is the fact that this is the most affordable cruise Royal has for 2022. At a wonderfully low starting price of $81 per person, this is an amazing option for someone that just wants to test out cruising to see if they like it. (It would also make a great gift… or a nice, low risk option if you’re worried about plans being canceled due to COVID). It departs from Miami for a day in the Bahamas on February 7th. If you wanna read more, you can do so on the itinerary’s web page.

Northbound Alaska and Hubbard Glacier

We are big fans of Alaskan cruises (as well adventure cruises in general). Nearly every cruise fan has been to the Caribbean; far fewer have traveled through icy waters to reach gleaming glaciers. This seven-night itinerary will let you do exactly that. Beginning in British Columbia, the Radiance of the Seas takes passengers to all of the classic Alaskan port cities before the grand finale at the Hubbard Glacier. The best part? This week-long expedition will only run you $288. There are also multiple dates, making this a nice choice for cruisers with a stricter schedule. Check out the options here.

Royal Caribbean is one of the biggest cruise lines on the planet. That means that this list is hardly scratching the surface of their schedule. To view the rest of their 2022 calendar, just visit this link.

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