How to Become a Stage Manager on Cruise Ships

Stage manager jobs on cruise ships are filled directly by cruise lines and cruise line staffing agencies. Cruise ship stage managers work closely with the entertainment staff of a cruise line to develop programs aimed at entertaining guests aboard the ship. Stage managers work in the activity and entertainment department along with DJs, production managers, photographers, casino staff, host/hostess and cruise consultant, to name a few. Those best suited for jobs in this department are typically enthusiastic and extroverted.

Stage mangers produce shows for the main theatre and work with individual ship entertainers to help manage and adjust lighting and sound. Stage managers assist with all aspects of the entertainment process. They, in fact, manage the various aspects of each performance making sure that the entertainers have what they need, that the lighting is correct, that the stage set and props are ready to go and that the sound is accounted for. The technical skills and knowledge of these various tasks are often performed by individuals specifically hired for them, meaning, cruise lines will not enlist the help of crewmembers to help with stage management functions.

Stage managers jobs are generally exciting and extremely busy. There are many different entertainment shows and acts as well as activities to coordinate. Large cruise lines may have more than one stage manager on staff at a time. As long as the ship is at sea, stage managers will find that they will always have something to do. Generally, there are little to no activities during the times a ship is in port. Stage managers will also find themselves working with the ship’s entertainment director, ship’s captain, the activity coordination, the cruise director and even possibly the staff coordinator or director.

When you are ready to apply for a stage manager job on cruise ships, if you have a specific cruise line in mind, locate the cruise lines’ OFFICIAL website first. Visit the Ships and Cruises Directory for official listings. Once you have located the site, visit the website and search around for job postings. Most cruise line websites have a career center or job postings page. If the cruise line lists job openings, be sure to follow the application procedure to the letter. Applicants that do not follow directions are typically passed over in favor of those that do.

If the cruise line does not list job openings on its site, send a polished cover letter and resume to the cruise lines Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department is typically located at the cruise lines headquarters. This information is usually listed on the cruise line website. It is important to include the position you are interested in so that it can be directed to the appropriate department manager

For more information about jobs on cruise ships visit Cruise Ship Jobs online. Here, you can download the 2010 cruise ship employment guide; you can read through cruise line profiles; you can find out which ships are hiring and for what positions — and you can even apply for a cruise ship job right online. Please note that this website charges a fee. You can apply for a job on your own, free of charge, sign up with a placement agency, or use Cruise Ship Jobs’ service.

Cruise Ship Job Perks

Cruise ship employees will enjoy more than free travel to exciting destinations. Cruise ship employees receive free accommodations and meals. They also receive a competitive salary, health insurance, and free air travel to and from the ship.

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