How to Book a Regent Cruise

Having just written about Regent Seven Seas Cruises and the cruise ships of Regent, we thought we should round out our coverage of the Regent cruise line by explaining how to book a Regent cruise (or, technically, how to book a Regent Seven Seas Cruise, to use the company’s full name). By and large, booking a Regent cruise is like booking any other cruise, but there are a couple of components of the process that are worth keeping in mind.

When one is looking to book a cruise vacation, often the first step in the process is to check the major cruise deal sites. These sites are a great way to get a general sense of what is possible because so many options are available for immediate review, and this information can be filtered and organized by the use of several criteria, including the cruise line you prefer. Unlike some of the smaller cruise lines, Regent cruises are available on most of the deal sites (although for whatever reason they aren’t on Expedia Cruises). However, there are two potential problems with using a cruise deal site to book a Regent cruise.

First, there is a general problem with trying to book a cruise with a specific cruise line through a deal site. You generally search a site like CruiseDeals to get the cheapest possible cruise, and in order to do this, you need to be flexible in all but the most essential vacation details (perhaps your destination, or the time of year you leave). Limiting your searches to a single cruise line that only operates three ships (like Regent) is not the best way to utilize a deal site, and in fact it essentially defeats the purpose. And this is (more or less) what the several price comparisons we performed suggested. Although we occasionally found a slight difference between the prices on Regent’s website and the prices on a deal site (ironically, however, the deal sites periodically had higher prices), they were largely the same.

The other thing noteworthy about Regent is that they have a very nice online booking system. When you click on the “Find a Cruise” tab, you are brought to a chart of sorts with several variables that can be adjusted (month of departure, desired cruise ship, etc.). As you tweak the chart, the number of possibilities automatically updates, giving you a sense of how many options are available. Once you are satisfied with your search, you can view the results and then decide on your cruise this way.

If you want to book a Regent cruise specifically, this is our advice. Given that Regent has a nice online booking system, you may as well utilize it. You’ll be able to figure out all the details of your cruise through tools that are user-friendly. Once you arrive at your top choices, you should search a few of the deal sites just to see if there are any cheaper options. It only take a few minutes, and if you can save a little bit of money this way, why not do it? If you can’t find a cheaper deal, you may as well book directly through Regent.

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