The Regent Cruise Line: Provider of All-Inclusive Cruises

The title of this article is somewhat misleading, as the cruise line frequently referred to as “Regent Cruise Line” or simply “Regent” has (officially, at least) a more expansive name: Regent Seven Seas Cruises, or RSSC for short. (The part about the cruises being all-inclusive, however, is not misleading, as you will quickly learn.) But we suppose the precise name is neither here nor there, as “Regent Cruise Line” clearly refers to what is technically called “Regent Seven Seas Cruises”, and what is important is that Regent, or whatever you call it, is the focus of the present article, which we call to your attention primarily because of the the cruise line’s robust commitment to all-inclusive cruises. Regent is seriously, almost aggressively, all-inclusive. All-inclusive alcohol, all-inclusive food, and so on. You don’t even have to pay for your flight to or from the port of departure. Below we explain Regent Seven Seas Cruises and its all-inclusive ways.

On many cruise ships, you have to pay for the food and drinks you consume, as well as for the services that you hire. On the Regent cruise ships, this is not the case, at least broadly speaking. Regent has an extensive list of the all-inclusive features of their cruises on their website, which include (but are not limited to) free alcohol (including “fine wines and premium spirits”), free shore excursions, free flights to and from the port of departure (in business class if you book certain suites), free fitness programs, and several free gourmet meals. For this reason, the cruise line offers “a world where everything is included, without exception and without compromise.” Technically, not everything is included – you have to pay for a few things, like laundry services and spa treatments, and not surprisingly the casino doesn’t offer games that require no wagers – but most things are free, which is why Regent advertises the “most inclusive luxury cruise experience ever.”

The word “luxury” is important, as Regent remains a luxury cruise line despite all the things they give away. Like some other luxury cruise lines (for instance, Silversea Cruises), Regent’s cruise ships aren’t particularly large, at least not by the extreme standards of the cruise industry. All three of their ships hold well under a thousand people – their focus is on the quality of the service they provide, not the quantity of customers they serve. All of the cabins are suites (most of them have balconies too), and the ships also have a very low passenger-crew ratio.

So, a Regent cruise offers a fairly pampered experience, and once you pay for the cruise, you don’t have to worry about paying much else. Of course, you have to pay quite a bit for the cruise to begin with, but if you have a sufficiently indulgent time, the high price might be amply worth it. If you want to move forward, here is some information about how to book a Regent cruise.

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