How To Maintain Fitness On A Cruise

It is not difficult to remain active on a cruise as long as you decide that your fitness is important while you are on vacation. Many travelers do spend the majority of their time basking in the sun at the pool and sipping tropical drinks. But not only is that a very sedentary way to while away your days, but there are also many calories hidden in those fruity punch-like concoctions. If sunbathing is something that you enjoy, then plan on partaking, but also plan on adding in a few activities every few hours.

Take A Walk
If you enjoy a nice walk when you are at home, then you are certain to love the ocean vista as you explore the many decks of your cruise ship. Most of the larger ships offer several outdoor decks as well as indoor walkways and some even include a track for a nice run or jog. Also, take into consideration the distance that you are walking from your cabin to the various features and venues on the ship. If you are close to the dining room, then maybe leave a few minutes early and take a slightly longer walk before you go enjoy your meal. And whenever possible, take the steps rather than the elevator. This can greatly increase the exercise that you get just during your normal daily activities.

Try A New Class
Not only do almost all cruise ships offer a complete gym but they also offer a variety of exercise classes that will keep you outside and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Some examples of classes offered include yoga on the deck, Pilates, cycling and even group fitness training. Other options to work up a sweat might include a dance class or even a limbo contest or challenge at the rock climbing wall. And an early trip to the pool is certain to offer you the space needed to swim a few laps before breakfast.
If your fitness is important to you but you don’t want to spend hours in the cruise ship gym, then just be creative and remember to include a few physical activities into your itinerary each day. But don’t forget that vacation is a time to relax a little bit and reward yourself for all of the hard work that is a part of your daily routine. You might even discover a few new activities that you will choose to work into your exercise routine when you return home.

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